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Prototype 2 – Mercer and Heller’s (cut from the game) badass armor forms

Video showing James Heller and Alex Mercer's armor forms in Prototype 2. Fast forward to 3:19 (Activision, PC, Prototype 2, PS3, Radical Entertainment, Xbox 360)

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Gigawatt25  +   827d ago
Sweet! DLC down the road. I'll be playing this game till the Fall.
fallacious  +   827d ago
Wait a second, so Heller won't be able to transform to an armored form in Prototype 2?
Eiffel  +   827d ago
I think it would have been a rather redundant choice to bring it back given the new shield covers most of your body.
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fallacious  +   827d ago
Good point, but still I would've liked to have an armored option. Mercer looked so badass with the armor in Proto1.
Eiffel  +   827d ago
I won't argue, when I heard it wasn't gonna make a return I felt kinda sadden by it, the armor certainly made you feel like a freak of nature fighting the military.

There's always DLC, part of those Radnet challenges do evolve new skins, here's hoping.

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