Skyrim DLC Release Testing Players' Limited Patience

Techtorial: As the waiting time for Skyrim's downloadable content continues, players' patience are getting thinner demanding for its announcement soon. But do we really need to open pandora's box now?

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Infest1947d ago

I'm pretty sure the DLC was supposed to be Q1 2012. I've been waiting...

krazykombatant1946d ago

I thought skyrim had tons to do. Shouldn't you like have crap ton of time to wait?

I only say this because I also have skyrim but after the honeymoon phase wore off i can't be bothered to play anymore.

inveni01946d ago

There's a ton to do with what's there, but the DLC is something people probably want to take their maxed characters into.

C_Menz1946d ago

I havent even finished 50% of the game and I have played 100 hours lol

lsujester1946d ago

They've been busy trying to make the retail game work properly.

Tony P1947d ago

Gamers have been trained so thoroughly to expect to be bludgeoned with a mass load of cut content DLC that we're now seeing this effect.

Hopefully, the wait will justified by a full expansion and not just some small quest chain.

snipes1011946d ago

Well Bethesda could have done a Bioware and released day one dlc with online passes. At least this shows that they are probably really, really, going to make it something worth buying.

slimy the g8ter1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

"a MASS load of cut content DLC that we're now seeing this EFFECT"

i see what you did there ;)

Regent_of_the_Mask1947d ago

They should fix their game before releasing more buggy gameplay.

Anon19741946d ago

Why, what's wrong with the game? I've been playing it almost non-stop since my wife bought it for me for Christmas on my PS3 and aside from 2 crashes and a mammoth appearing in mid air, I haven't had a single issue. What's buggy?

Mottsy1946d ago

@ Darkride, The game now is alot better then before, but check out a few Daedric quest, i had 2 of them that were just rediculous!

inveni01946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

What's buggy is the quest line glitches. My College of Winterhold quest is still broken. I'll never get to finish it with my main character, and that means that I invested 60 hours into a mage for practically no reason, when it comes to my goal for that character. For me, that's worse than the occasional crash or freeze, frame stutters or floating mammoths. That's a broken game, plain and simple.

Drake1171946d ago

Thats weird i have played through the college of winterhold as well as all the other guilds and the main story in skyrim at least twice(some 3) and haven't had one quest "break".

lsujester1946d ago

It often comes down to the order you do things in. I've had a couple of quests completely break down only because I happened to have found the item before I found the quest to retrieve it.

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Armyless1946d ago

Go into the Gameplay settings and turn off "Save when traveling".

SP3333D-O1947d ago

Some info from Bethesda would be nice, but hopefully the delay just means the content will be hefty and well tested.

dubt721947d ago

It took 9 months for Oblivion to have Knights of the Nine, and a full year for the Shivering Isles, so no one should be trippin'

Bimkoblerutso1946d ago

Seriously, come on. Give it some friggin time guys.

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The story is too old to be commented.