Leaving Japan: What strategies should Nintendo adopt for the Wii U

Nightmare Mode dissects the difficulties that will plague Nintendo's next console and explores possible scenarios to help the House of Mario beat the odds.

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ThePsychoGamer2426d ago

Not region locking there systems would be a good one.

LX-General-Kaos2426d ago

The strategy is already pretty much laid out on the table.

The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system itself is already a fine piece of work. Now in HD, strong, and equipped with an innovative tablet controller that can act partially as a futuristic controller for core experiences. Or completely shifted into a casual friendly experience. It contains all of the functions that you would need for the ultimate gaming experience no matter what your style of play is.

Second the strategy for games released is already spot on for success. Nintendo exclusive in house AAA experiences will sprinkle in throughout the years. Combined with the best 3rd party has to offer. Nintendo exclusive experiences combined with 3rd party is an unmatched experience on console. Best of both worlds.

All of that with a low affordable rumored price of 299.99

The strategy has worked so far worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system. It will likely also work for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

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ChickeyCantor2426d ago

Hello? Yes this is sanity.
No, he is not home right now.
K, bye!

yabhero2426d ago

I know you guys don't like him, but this time, what he said made perfect sense.

ChickeyCantor2426d ago

It's not that "I don't like him". It's more the fact that he sounds like a PR dude on a mission.
It's rather annoying. Even if he makes a good point.

I know, I know! I don't have to read it. But still he could really just comment like a human rather than a corporate robot. It's pretty scary you know.

mike1up2425d ago

If you're not in sales, or marketing, then you need to be.

Absolutely love the comments, so don't ever change.

DA_SHREDDER2426d ago

From what I seen so far all the WiiU is missing is L3, R3 buttons. Also no clue how the online is gonna be? I hope its at least on par with the PSN, but with the Nintendo charm of course.

Khordchange2425d ago

CVg, do all they talk about is smartphones and tablets these days?