How Crysis 3 Can Pick Up The Slack

GamingUnion: "It's interesting how well received Crysis 2 was, and yet at the same time there was still that little bit of disappointment that loomed over it. It wasn't the graphics and gunplay, as both aspects of the game received universal critical acclaim. No one had anything bad to say about the representation of Manhattan either, the only criticism there being towards its vague similarities to the 'modern day war' scenarios that Call of Duty is infamous for. The problem was choice. After all, fans of Far Cry and the original Crysis fans were waiting for another opportunity to roam a detailed sandbox of destruction. Crysis 2 was good, but it was also linear, which is what makes Crysis 3 so incredibly exciting. The possibilities are truly endless - they can right that wrong."

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mephman2061d ago

I think they've got a real opportunity here. It'll be interesting to see which direction they choose to take.

wallis2061d ago

It's cool that they seem to have learnt from their mistakes. The real issue with crysis 2, despite being only moderately good at everything other than graphics, was that it could have been something so much better. It was a totally lost opportunity.

camel_toad2061d ago

One huge pet peeve I really had with crysis 2 was the disappearing xp from fallen enemies. If you wanted the xp you killed a baddie for you were forced to throw your playstyle out the window in order to run up and grab the xp before it disappeared. That really sucks for someone like me that likes to stealthily kill from a far.

dirthurts2061d ago

I really liked Crysis, and Crysis 2(although it was quite different). I can't wait to see more from this title.

pucpop2061d ago

I was seduced by Crysis 2, loved it. Need some Crysis 3 ASAP!!

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