Worldwide hardware sales for the week ending 5th January ,2008. (Japan numbers included)

Console Weekly Total
DS 813,117 65,637,784
Wii 566,002 19,718,100
PSP 384,392 30,122,767
PS3 268,895 8,963,324
PS2 227,901 115,050,967
X360 206,098 16,331,957

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TANOD3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

However ps3 went on to beat x360 by 60 000 units

even PS2 went on to beat x360 in terms of total worldwide sales for the week

UNCHARTED reached 750 000 units

well done

CeruleanSky3968d ago

Man, the little Xbot ioi who runs the joke of a site can't even inflate 360 sales and undercount PS3 sales enough to keep the 360 out of last place anymore.

Ioi seems to have had a meltdown after the giant holiday PS3 sales and the death of HD-DVD and went on a fanboy tantrum 'correcting' aka slashing PS3 sales numbers by huge amounts and arbitrarily pumping up 360 worldwide sales figures even more.

Things to keep in mind about the fanboy vgchartz site:

* The inflated weekly NPD 360 'estimates' are never corrected - just a quick check against the real numbers shows the 360 constantly with numbers that are 100-200k too high each month

* Various European PS3 numbers are constantly out of date or just plain wrong/undercounted while 360 numbers are bumped up beyond their know sales levels

Poor little ioi, things are just going to get worse and worse as those 125 million PS2 owners make the leap to next gen and the PS3...

TANOD3968d ago

GFK released official confirmation that PS3 and X360 are both at 500 000 units in JAPAN

Vg has ps3 at 450k and x360 at 650k???

Vgchartz deflated x360 numbers in NA for OCT/NOV by 180 k and 60k respectively.

At the same time they downgraded PS3 sales by 130k.

VGCHARTZ still havent fixed that

VGCHARTZ x360 numbers are DEFLATED by atleast 1 MILLION

VICE VERSA for PS3 numbers

VGCHARTZ is owned by an XBOT who used to work in MS. This BOT's friend is SIREN --another XBOT who was kicked out of PSU for manupulating GOOD PS3 related NEWS

NEOGAF is owned by 6 MS employees . One of them being AMIR OS/OX

testerg353968d ago

You're an idiot... then why do you keep commenting on how PS3 is beating the 360 by using VGCHARTZ?

"However ps3 went on to beat x360 by 60 000 units
even PS2 went on to beat x360 in terms of total worldwide sales for the week
UNCHARTED reached 750 000 units"

WTF.. if you don't care for their numbers then don't quote them.
well done

PS360WII3968d ago

how is VG inflating 360 numbers when MS says they sold 17.7 but VG says they sold 16.3?

Dang DS up to 65 million!

rofldings3968d ago

Because they said they've SHIPPED 17.7 million, not SOLD.

Milkman5413968d ago


MS said they have shipped 17.7 million to if you think about it...there is roughly 2 million or so 360's sitting on the shelves throughout North America, Europe, and they have sold roughly 15.7 million or so....Vg Chartz isn't to far off...

PS360WII3968d ago

oh okay so VG is sold to customers. Never really knew that actually and I see VG numbers a lot lol... only took the time to ask. heh

hazeblaze3968d ago

I think we all know that the numbers are not 100%. I remember that VG used to have a disclaimer stating so themselves.

But what this does show is a new trend of Sony outselling the 360 on global sales. This is good for Sony, but their userbase still will not overtake the 360 until they start outselling them in the U.S. At their current pace, they would only outsell the 360 by an additional 2.5-3M this year (unless 360 sales simultaneously begin to drop throughought the year).

However, this may be the start of just that... with the game lineup of 08 and another price drop before the holidays, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony outselling the 360 everywhere by 09. Sony fanboys will have some awesome games to enjoy in 08... but I think you will have to wait another year before you can really begin to brag about sales.

lawman11083967d ago

#2 the PS3 sells like crap in the States which makes up over 40% of the video game market so unless the 360 stops selling all together the PS3 will NEVER catch up. It's not that hard to understand....If you can't win the USA you can not win. Here are some fresh photo's from Bet Buy to show how well that door stop sells.

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Relcom3968d ago

But regardless to what console you prefer. We all know DS will sell like crazy, Wii is sold out, 360 sales stay steady and good, and PS3 gains more and more momentum heading into the new year.

crck3968d ago

I think those NA sales for PSP are on the low side. I can't find a black slim PSP any where. Not to mention that the Silver and White are still sold out at most stores.

Relcom3968d ago

The only one i can ever find is the star wars one

MaximusPrime3968d ago

mimicked Chilla Black: "Surprise, Surprise!"

Brits know what im talking about. lol

heyheyhey3968d ago

christ you've got me reminiscing about blind date- that was one ugly, annoying presenter

hella whip3968d ago

"Life is full, full of surprises"

Blademask3968d ago

And the PS2 really is future proof.

mighty_douche3968d ago

theres a world outside of America? nahhhh...

EZCheez3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

The U.S is the only country in the world and it's the BEST (minus the lack of universal health care, waging war on a continual basis, running as a military industrial complex, millions of unemployed and uninsured workers, and about 1/3 of it's population falling under the category of obese)!

U.S.A. is the BEST!

Seriously though, people need to get out and see the world. It will open your eyes.

Fat Bastard3968d ago

Ya EZ CHEEZ, whe should have universal health care, that way many of the lazy homeless people (who don't try to find a job or go work in those labor lines without having to give an address and ge paid in cash) will be getting free healthcare that all of us pay for. I mean, another couple thousand dollars in taxes each year isn't too much, is it? Abe Lincoln didn't even go to college, he learned to read and read old law books and look where he got. Now, imagine what you could do today with all the libraries and free videos of college classes online that you could access at the library. America is the land of opportunity, so you have no excuse to not get a job and pay for your own health care.

dantesparda3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

What! Lincoln became president of the United States by reading some old law books therefore we can all be president!? come on guy, you're fooling yourself if you believe thats how it works. First of all, that was a very different time, and second, you'd either have to be really smart or know how to cut through all the bullsh!t involved to be able to make it to the top like that, from just reading some books.

And this nonsense, about "opportunity", doesnt mean everybody gets the nice house and the nice car and the big money if they just work for it. But contraire, alot of people work their @sses off and struggle their whole lives and never get anywhere big in this country. You been believing the bullsh!t to much. And i am a American so i know what im talking about

Fat Bastard3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

You don't know what you're talking about. I wasn't meaning that you could become president by reading old books, but you can sure as heck get a freakin job. There is the opportunity out there to get your own job and be able to pay for your health care. Or you could invent something like Bill Gates, he didn't even finish college. Or take JK Rowling. She was dirt poor, had an idea, and is a filthy millionaire right now. Or what about Oprah? She was also dirt poor, decided to make a show, and is now way up on the totem pole (or however you spell it). I swear to you that if you have the have the will to get out of poverty you will be able to find a way. I pointed out the library cause that's where you could start if you aren't too imaginitive. Dudes, you all need to quit ranting about how bad america is, cause we have it a lot better off then many countries. There's a lot of bad stuff going on in the world right now, and we aren't really dealing with much of it back here, so quit whining and start appreciating being free. Artards

dantesparda3966d ago

All those examples you gave are the exception not the rule, but you seem to believe that we can all be that. It doesnt work that way and you know it, you just wanna believe that bullsh!t cuz it makes you feel good about your country. I know you dont need a college degree or even a good education to be rich, but most people who are smarter than some of the people you listed have not made it. The fact is, most of us just have average jobs and make average amounts. Let's see you put your belief to the test and see how far you go?

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Relcom3968d ago

People laughed when Sony said they will continue to support it for years. Well look who is laughing now....