MLB '08: The Show Interview with IGN + Trailer + Screens

"If you've been looking for the best baseball experience on a console, you didn't have to look farther than SCEA's MLB franchise. For the past two years, The Show has consistently performed with excellent controls, engaging modes and solid gameplay features. With last year's debut on the PS3, Sony furthered their dominance of America's pastime. But the company isn't resting on its laurels and pumping out a roster update. MLB '08: The Show is poised to expand on nearly every single aspect of last year's gameplay in one of the deepest baseball experiences around," writes IGN.

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Cartesian3D3932d ago

the screens looks fantastic :) ..OMG look at the lighting and soft shadows.. look at their cloths.. absolutely gorgeous

it seems its the first baseball game for me to buy .. (enough tennis, NBA and football .. i want sth fresh and new.. )

Cyrus3653932d ago

This is one of the few Sony Sports titles that's actually good, and maybe better than other MLB sports title.

However their NBA series is no where on par with NBA 2K series or hell even with EA NBA live series.