All Skyrim mods that you need if you’ve a low end PC

For all those gamers, that have a low end PC that can’t run Elder Scroll V: Skyrim at all. Now all low-end users you can easily run Skyrim on your PC if your PC meet these Specs:
Celeron 3.0Ghz,
2 Gb DDR 2 Ram
Geforce Gt 210
With these mods you can run Skyrim easily in your PC. These mods change many settings of the game that lower the game’s graphics capabilities. It’s really a blessing a low end users who want to play Skyrim but for High end users this seems pretty pointless. However, these are the mods you need to install for the game.

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Cennus2399d ago

The best thing about this game is its ability to look amazing at any setting. Skyrim is a beautiful game and any mods that help low-end and high-end system players to enjoy it more is a great thing.

nastoorjin2399d ago

Agree with you. Skyrim is definitely a beautiful game but for low end users who don't want to spend $ on their PC then these mods are really a blessing.

LAWSON722399d ago

how does this have a disagree?

2399d ago