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Submitted by kingofps3 2951d ago | screenshot

Brütal Legend Images

More screens from Brütal Legend in development for the PS3 and Xbox 360. (Brutal Legend, PS3, Xbox 360)

diefor  +   2952d ago
Old Images
This images are old.
monkey602  +   2951d ago
what ever images didnt appear on my first report link do on this one Sorry kingofps3
lynx1halo  +   2951d ago
Brütal Legend.......
..........meh...........averag e looking game
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Kazzik  +   2951d ago
Is this game like guitar hero? or is like a adventure i see it is a mature totle and i know tim shafer is working on it and i love some of his stuff(grim fandago and pyschonauts) i just have not heard much about this game any help would be great thank's =)

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