PS3 Dynamic Themes April 2012 Part 2

Here are some more awesome dynamic themes for April on PS3 to spice up your console.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2157d ago

I absolutely love Dynamic Themes. I am hoping the PS4 opens up more memory to them because some of the landscape ones that SHOULD look gorgeous are so down-scaled that they look terrible.

SilverBullet1292156d ago

I too love the dynamic themes, they are just soooooooooooooo fun to have on there. The stuff I wanted added to them are: better animations (they only last for about a min max then reset), would really enjoy it if the makers were aloud to move around the XMB icons (instead of always being in the centre they could be at the bottom too actually fit the theme). Overall, they are nice but could of course be a lot better, if only the PS3 was slightly more powerful:(

MySwordIsHeavenly2157d ago

Also, most of these themes have been out for months...

kingPoS2156d ago

I gets even better if you use the ps3's browser to download dynamic themes.