Warner Bros preparing Blu-ray profile 1.1 movies

"Having announced that they have gone Blu-ray exclusive less than a week ago, Warner Bros. has told High-Def Digest that they will soon be releasing profile 1.1 compatible movies. Warner have been slow to release movies on Blu-ray in comparison to HD-DVD because they have been waiting for picture-in-picture commentaries and other such features which have only recently been made available to Blu-ray players via profile 1.1.

While no dates have been given for any upcoming releases, Batman Begins and The Matrix were both mentioned as being prepped for Blu-ray release. We can't wait for profile 1.1 movies to start hitting the shelves and if one of the first is going to the The Matrix, we're doubly excited. The format war may be fun to discuss, but we shouldn't forget what it means: more disc releases on Blu-Ray. Bring them on."

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LinuxGuru3932d ago

My most wanted on Blu-ray...


Lord of the Rings

Star Trek movies (any of them)

gta_cb3932d ago

would like to see how The Matrix looks like, i have never seen it in High Definition before

jackdoe3932d ago

Matrix, I could give a rat's ass about. Batman Begins, that is where the real gold is. They had better not just release a typical HD-DVD port either. They should include more special features for all the blu-ray owners who waited patiently for this release.

Gaara_7243932d ago

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HELL YES i love them u c there to complicated but still love them

N4M3L3553932d ago

they're probably going to make us buy the trilogy. I don't know about you, but I'm only interested in the first Matrix.

MaximusPrime3932d ago

first one is the best. the second is good. last one, terrible.

jorellpogi3932d ago

This is nice. I'd like to buy the Matrix, LOTR and BATMAN series.

KidMakeshift3932d ago

The LoTR better include the Director's cut

I'm not a fan but I'd still like to see Star Wars 1-3 on Blu-ray

KidMakeshift3932d ago

Great, more movies for me to re-buy

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