Ryan Howard MLB 08: The Show screenshots

To go along with the cover announcement from earlier today, SCEA has released nine new screenshots featuring the Phillies Ryan Howard from the PS3 version of MLB 08: The Show.

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wil4hire3996d ago

But this one *looks* pretty

Any baseball fans here?

Area_513996d ago

This is a good choice for sony, and for me since i am a die hard phillies fan. Last years game was really good The graphics where kinda of last gen but the gameplay was top notch. IMO 08 will be a killer game and i cant wait and i second OJ above me get this out before spring training.

LinuxGuru3996d ago

Holy sh!tballs those graphics are pretty.

That damn near looks real.

Area_513996d ago

yes they do, I can not wait. I have both 07 bb games and for a while i was playing 2k7 the graphics where better but the game play was crap so i made the switch and haven't looked back. I just trade 2k7 for motorstorm which is pretty cool

LinuxGuru3996d ago

One thing I hated about MLB 2K7 on the PS3 was the complete lack of self-shadowing.

MLB 07: The Show has self-shadowing, though. And 08 looks to blow them both away.

PR_FROM_OHIO3996d ago

'07 was a solid game but '08 looks like its going to be awesome!! ONLY ON THE PS3 BABY!!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!