Hardcore Fan Edits 3 Uncharted Games Into Movies

GR - "A fan has put together all the cutscenes in the Uncharted games to turn them into full length feature films."

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kneon1827d ago

I always thought that ND should have added a movie mode that allowed you to watch the whole game as a movie after completing it. That would have saved this guy a lot of work.

R1CAN6171827d ago

Debating on watching it or playing the games ....

ginsunuva1827d ago


h311rais3r1827d ago

There are millions of gamers who haven't.

Oldman1001827d ago

That's pretty neato, though I highly recommend playing the actual games instead. Oh, and in before "Looks like xbox owners no longer have to buy a ps3 to experience the uncharted series." lol

Frankfurt1827d ago

So he just filmed them straight? They're barely games already.

Rynx1827d ago

Awwww someone didn't get a PS3 for his birthday.

smashcrashbash1827d ago

So what are they then? Bananas? Please don't attempt to try to be clever. I am guessing that's what got most of your bubbles taken away.

Skate-AK1827d ago

Smash knows what he's talking about.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Meh I'll just play through them all again.

Nice job though.

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