Dr. Phil Combats Racists On Xbox Live (Not Physically - That Would Be Too Awesome)

Ripten writes:

"Dr. Phil is a good friend of mine. He's full of nonsensical hillbilly analogies and great advice on how not to beat my wife. But for Terry, Dr. Phil has "valuable" advice on dealing with racist cyber-bullies. As a black gamer on Xbox Live, Terry endures heaps of racist verbal abuse, and on Tuesday's show, Dr. Phil filled Terry with joyous psychobabble and helped heal his wounded gamer heart."

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RadientFlux3968d ago

welcome to the internet... this isn't just an xbox live issue

JsonHenry3968d ago

Grow thicker skin whine bags. I have heard every racist remark you can think against just about every ethnic, skin color, religion, and disability a person could possibly be. It is called trash talking. Don't play competitive games if you can't take the heat.

fenderputty3968d ago

Since when did trash talking have to be low class? Granted, people should be prepared for anything over the internet but, using the excuse of trash talking to reason acting like an ignorant twat isn't cool. Everyone knows there's lines, they don't need to cross them.

AngryTypingGuy3968d ago

@JsonHenry - normally when someone says to grow thicker skin, I agree with them. However, I saw the episode it was talking about, and the dude went beyond trash talking and even beyond using racial slurs. He threatened to track him down and kill his family. That's messed up.

Believe me, I'm a guy who loves racial humor. I find Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Carlos Mencia (sometimes) to be hilarious. I love Eric Cartman from South Park too. I listen to Opie and Anthony every day. But there's a difference between making fun of stereotypes and being just plain hateful. This guy wasn't joking or being clever. He was being an ass and he deserves to be arrested.

Statix3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

JsonHenry: Lemme guess... you're an average, middle-class white male who has never once experienced racism or discrimination in his entire existence.

I didn't realize that being "competitive" and trash-talk meant people have to become racist, ignorant bigots. Has America regressed or something? I could've sworn we fancied ourselves a progressive country that's moved beyond such pathetic lows as stooping to racial slurs in a bickering match.

dachiefsman3968d ago

I play Xbox Live about 8-10 hours a week usually late at night. Most of the players during this time frame are from countries other than the States. You cannot say this is just a "US" issue. All types of people on Xbox Live say stupid things. The Xbox Live is one of the only avenues where you can say what you want and not be held accountable.

In all seriousness though, MS did put a function allowing you to mute a user......I abuse the mute function.

mesh13967d ago

as a black man i find that the psn is full of racist sony trolls that are soo avid racist that i hope their are no black ppl buying the ps3 as its a joke me and my black m8s own the racist on xbox live buy using our own white racist jokes so yes its fun

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BubblesDAVERAGE3968d ago

Same goes for the psn....If you are racist just keep it to games gamers....had nothing to do with race...yet a girl kicked my ass in madden on psn 120 to 21....Made me never play madden again

InMyOpinion3968d ago

Because you lost to a girl?

BubblesDAVERAGE3968d ago

I have never lsot to a girl in any game it was a shot to my i just threw it off as if she were cheating

InMyOpinion3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

So it would not be the same if you had lost to a boy? If so, that means you consider women not equal to men. If you think about it that's the same thing as saying black people are not equal to white etc. Maybe you should be on Dr.Phil as well ;)

BubblesDAVERAGE3968d ago

Duh....Can they pee while doing one hand jumping jack and not get men are far superior...I guess you dont believe in MALE Power..I know the chicks have broke a lot of you guys down but I fight the good fight

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mintaro3968d ago

Dr.Phil is coming for you!!!

Spike473968d ago

reminds me of dave chapelle quote:

" all these chinese people and there ching ching wao, go back to you're country, I can't understand you, (immediately) WHITE POWER."

Dave chapelle is just hilarious.

Spike473968d ago

reminds me of dave chapelle quote:

" all these chinese people and there ching ching wao, go back to you're country, I can't understand you, (immediately) WHITE POWER."

Dave chapelle is just hilarious.

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