Why PC Developers Need to Accept the Mac Platform

Although the PC gaming community resembles an elitist cult at some times, their primary sin is a general sense of reluctance to accept anything that challenges what they’ve come to expect from their gaming experiences. This general attitude has pervaded into the market strategy for many developers, resulting in a vast majority of games that are perfectly capable of running on most Macintosh computers being developed exclusively for the PC. Why are PC gamers so unwilling to allow titles such as The Witcher 2 and Battlefield 3 to show up on what many largely consider to be “rival hardware”? And, more importantly, why do developers listen to this nonsense?

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Rageanitus2098d ago

more like why apple fanboys should accept pc as what it is rather than bash it and think apple os is better

da_2pacalypse2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Don't blame them, it's not their fault they have too much money laying around and would rather purchase an inferior product just because society tells them it's better.


I run Ubuntu and Windows7 on my computer -_-

TheGamingArt2098d ago

LOL. What an ignorant statement from someone who just shined a Windows product over a Unix base product. I lol at idiots who follow what 'society' tells them.

3GenGames2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Unix is better, but not a Mac OS. Mac OS is so stupified and watered down, you can't call it anything Unix, as it's destroyed. Anyone who believes that just because it was a Unix product 15 years ago today it better because the corporation tell them is an idiot. You're an idiot, Mac can't do gaming at all, it can barely display graphics in the first place.

And to my guy on my reply: Standard drivers for what? USB runs a program over it to detect it first, parallel does pretty much the same too, and your graphics cards should come with drivers. If not, Ubuntu has drivers for basically every GPU out there. And Windows is clunkier than Ubuntu overall, and doesn't take advantage of anything over 5 cores well at all. And a windows computer is a computer, of course it's f****** open. So is Ubuntu. So is Mac in a sense, too! But the thing is, the OS overlying it and keeping watch is more important. Plus the function calls and speed of the OS's calls. Ubuntu is the best over all in that department.

And what does the company have to do with it? Microsoft makes a good OS, it's the best over all because it's been here honestly. It can run programs from 10 years ago perfect most of the time. But the PC standard IBM set down is still followed today and is just updated. Microsoft doesn't do shit in actually making PC hardware, they just make the software to run on the hardware with an OS to keep them all tied together.

And if you're going to talk about Ubuntu, at least spell it right. Hell, do you even know C? If not, don't even post in this, you don't have the knowledge to state your opinion.

dark-hollow2098d ago

if you cant freely upgrade your hardware on mac systems then i wont seriously consider them as a valid gaming platform compared to windows.

mixelon2098d ago

Does that mean consoles and laptops are invalid gaming platforms too? Seems like a slippery slope considering most people don't upgrade their PCs hardware much beyond RAM and HDD anyway.

dark-hollow2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Read again:
"compared to WINDOWS"

consoles have their exclusive merits when it comes to gaming.

gaming on laptops is a joke!
they are mainly overpriced.
they get hot like hell and the battery life is pathetic.

ATi_Elite2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Macs are over priced and they can't play games UNLESS they run windows.

(granted a few Devs have made Mac versions of their games....basically using OpenGL instead of DirectX)

So you just over paid for a computer that's non-windows based but to play games you gotta pay Microsoft anyway and next year you gotta buy another Mac/Apple to get the feature they should have added on the last one!

Then on top of that, Macs GPU's are a generation or two behind the PC and they DO NOT support crossfire (running under OSX) and they no longer offer Nvidia cards!

What? No Nvida! Blah ha haa hah! No CUDA, NO Physx, No performance crown for Mac gamers!

Mac Pro, starts at $2500 and it's best GPU is a HD5870! Meanwhile My $2500 PC (3 monitors included) can run OSX and Win7 at the same time and I have GTX 560ti SLI which KILLS a HD5870! PLUS HD7000 series is out NOW for PC which is like 5 years down the road for Mac!

Devs need not waste time on Macs! If the Apple crowd want to play games they have two choices:

A. Save yourself some money and build a PC and become a member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race!
B. Go buy Windows and use Boot Camp!

Also this article totally sucks!

1. Dell and Hp sell more PC's than Apple sells Macs. Apple is like 5th in hardware sales in it's Mac lineup!

2. Many Devs are switching to OpenGL NOT because of Apple but because:

A. to get away from Microsoft's death grip (DX10 was crap and set PC Gaming back a whole generation plus it's good to have competition in graphics APi department)

B. Many Devs are hoping OpenGl moves toward allowing you to program directly on the GPU versus through software thus getting more power outta their graphics engines.

wanna buy a Mac? There's an App for that......."Go build a PC instead"!

P.S. Now that Steve Jobs is gone i guarantee you in 5 years Macs will be sold with an option to run Windows versus OSX!

3GenGames2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

No, PC gamers (from the earlier news thread) need to shun Mac into oblivion and accept Ubuntu as a platform. Mac is _WAY_ overpriced, crap hardware (DeathStar hard drives, anyone?), and proprietary just to charge more money for the same thing and call it "special" and "better." It even has a Linux core like Ubuntu, only stupified throughout the years. I'm actually sad it uses a Linux core like Ubuntu, it gives Ubuntu a terrible name. It has no advantages over cheaper PC gaming at all in the end either. It already has two COMPLETELY different architectures with PowerPC and now Intel x86_64 computers. Then, you'd not even be limited by your technology, they'd just limit you by your version number, not the capabilities, like the iPhones. Mac would be a crap platform all around.

And with the Macbook in class argument: The only idiots with Macbooks in school wouldn't even know how to install the game, they don't game, and they don't NEED to be gaming. They can play Angry Birds somewhere else.

The farther away Apple is from technology, the BETTER. They're just an evil corporation.

Whoever wrote this, and actually believes it, is an IDIOT. Go find a dumpster and through yourself in it, it'll do the world a favor.

Rageanitus2098d ago

the problem is unbunto is way to open and there are no set standards when it comes to drivers... although MS is not the greatest company, they have made a system quite open for gaming.

mixelon2098d ago

Wow someone's living in the past! Death star HDDs (that were also used by many PC manufacturers) are ancient news. Apple haven't made a single PPC based Mac in something like 5 years! Not even most osX app developers support PPC now, nobody's expecting game devs to.

I have a game design degree.. There were about 50% mac owners by the time I left. All know how to install things, compile things etc. Why would Apple limit things by version number in OS X? People having been gaming fine on Macs forever without the problems you're suggesting. OsX isn't a walled garden like iOS. It even has STEAM!

Apple is an evil corporation in the same way that MS is.. All a matter of perspective.

DragonKnight2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Uh, first of all it's not PC gamers that have anything to do with which platform gets which games, it's the devs/pubs that do. Second, MAC's suck. There isn't a more closed platform in existence and that includes consoles and handhelds. A game on a Mac would probably also cost twice as much just like everything that has to do with Apple. Strictly speaking, Mac would probably be worse for the game. Could you imagine the community trying to fix problems with a game if it's on the Mac platform? You probably couldn't.

I personally want to know what the obsession is with Mac/Apple. You get all the fun of paying many times the amount for hardware and software that's literally no different than PC counterparts in terms of functionality, and really the only good thing I've ever heard about Macs is that they have the easiest to use software for sound and video editing.

If you pay attention to the PC gaming scene, they like openness and affordability and the sharing of ideas without restrictions. Those 3 things are the antithesis of Apple as a company and Mac as a platform. That's why no one accepts the Mac platform as a viable gaming platform.

mixelon2098d ago

How the heck is OS X more of a closed platform than consoles and phones?! It's free to develop and publish on OS X, anyone can do it. It's an open platform in all the ways it needs to be.

You can install whatever you like from wherever you like. They even give you an easy way to install Windows on a second partition. How many consoles or phones do that?

You know the Mac has Steam and games run fine already, right? L4D2, Assassins Creed Series, Eve Online, RAGE and so on? People keep talking like its some craaaazy idea that probably wouldnt work.. Why not look at the cases where it obviously has already?

Letros2098d ago

Mac hardware is terrible for gaming, not to mention how hot they get under load. Stick to a desktop.

Moncole2098d ago

People have a choice of what they buy. If they want to get a great machine that allows you to play amazing games get a PC. If they want to buy an overpriced machine that can play a few games(few games compared to all the PC games) to play get a Mac.

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