Wii U's "Power" Not Part of the Equation

Joystick Division: Rumors started popping up earlier this week that Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console is not as powerful as the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Never mind Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles, according to unspecified sources quoted by Games Industry, the Wii U (in the department of graphics, at least) can't even keep up with the current generation.

This has, of course, led to an abundance of doomsayers flooding the message boards, prophesying an end to Nintendo on the back of an underpowered piece of hardware.

While I certainly wouldn't mind seeing Nintendo learn a hard lesson or two, I can't help but laugh at all of this speculation.

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Akuma-2038d ago

Wii u is rubbish and I've never played it. Wii is rubbish also but it was successful in the beginning and the sales of the games and unit now illustrates that people wised up to realize what crap it is and the frenzy died down.

Wii sold a lot because of a combination of things and not because the wii was great or did anything great. Wii did well because of its cheap price, new control scheme and mass marketing.

Fans are intrigued by wii u not because of the prospect of new games or mass amount of new ups, but because they can play older games with barely any upgrade since previous versions of Nintendo exclusives like Mario. Zelda, pokemon, metroid,

PopRocks3592038d ago

"Wii u is rubbish and I've never played it."

Yeah, credibility is lost right there. Try again.

Shok2038d ago

"Wii u is rubbish and I've never played it"

Nothing needs to be said here.

LX-General-Kaos2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

@ Akuma

The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system will kick off the next generation of gaming in a proper way. You will learn to show respect to the new innovative controls because your console of choice may soon add Nintendos grand innovations one day just as this generation did with the Wii mote and motion controls in general. What would you say if your company of choice made an exclusive similar to Nintendo exclusive Super Smash Bros? Wouldnt that be crazy?

Naming 3 or 4 out of the many many Nintendo critically acclaimd award winning exclusive titles to try to down miyamoto Lord and Savior of gaming and Nintendo is pathetic and poor. Nintendo probably has a safe full of more exclusive titles than any rival console library. You have snatched credit from the Nintendo Wii entertainment systems exclusive library with those sad bold faced lies. But you should do some research on the subject before you try to pass off 3 exclusives as fact.

What would you say if your console of choice appears next generation, and lands a lower price point than the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system? Could I bring this comment back to your attention along with a plate full of crow? People like you are making E3 2012 harder to wait for. Please dont fail to show up on N4G after the Nintendo press event.

You just seem upset over the success of the legendary Nintendo brand, and wish that your brand of choice would prevail once again. I understand that you are upset, and hopefully one day even you will bow down and pick up a Nintendo Wii U entertainment system to paste a smile on your very own face. Nobody will look down upon you for making the right decision, I promise.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone

Redcrimson1012038d ago

LX generation chaos that was very well said my friend!! What u said was nothing but the truth, I tip my hat off to u sir. Very well said, I couldn't agree with u more. The wii u will be alright when it drops this year and possible mite even outsell the competion once again. I will be picking up 1. Halla at me bro: psn account-wildffire xbox live account-blackmilk1

LX-General-Kaos2038d ago

Thank you and no problem sir

2038d ago
closnyc2038d ago

sure, you are so hardcore cause you play deadbox and ps3. Please son, stop pretending. Move on to pc if you want hardcore, in the meanwhile youre as casual as a wii owner with that pad of yours and your comfy couch. Wii was a success because nintendo didnt cater to lil bitches like you, in fact, it cataered the audience lil bitches like you hate yet you are part of. The casual gamers. While wii may have uscked in many ways, what you lil bitches did with gaming this generation, ESPECIALLY DEADBOX owners, WITH AUTO AIM, PATH PATROLS, HAND HOLDING, it is unforgivable. You have ruined gaming with day one dlc, milking and COD. So yes, the wii was more successful cause it didnt try to change an entire industry for the worse. It kept its audience, and its audience stayed cause hell, skyward swrod is better than any of the crap you are playing on deadbox right now.

dark-hollow2037d ago


first off, am glad to what they did with the wii in this generation, reason? because nintendo has been losing for two generations in a row to sony, they cant afford to lose another gen so you can have hd graphics!

in the beginning of this gen, ms and sony were already gearing up some monster hardware for their next gen consoles, if nintendo did the same, they probably would be sitting at last place again, and unlike sony and ms, they cant afford to lose another gen!

nintendo is a gaming company first and foremost, they dont have any other businesses to profit from besides gaming while sony and ms are huge corporations who can afford to sell their consoles at a loss.

but that doesnt mean they will do the same next gen because now things have changed a lot in the past six years and its very doubtful that sony or ms will overpower their console after all those losses in this gen. especially sony since they reported that they wont go all high tech like this gen. they will make it a reasonable upgrade.

now nintendo have a good chance to release a powerful console but in the same time doesnt get overshadowed by the ps4 and the nextbox. even if it becomes the weakest it doesnt matter as long as the gap between it and between the other consoles isnt too big.

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NovusTerminus2038d ago

It needs to be powerful, mostly because it would benefit greatly from PS4 / 720 multiplatform games at that point. Imagine when Final Fantasy XIV comes out, if the Wii U cannot run it, it will lose a good am amount of sales.

christheredhead2038d ago

I don't think it "needs" to be powerful, although it would be convenient. If they can get games in HD with online functionality and tablet support, that would be awesome.

2038d ago
Crap_Turtle2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

doubt nintendo

you look like a moron

The least powerful system always gets the most sales, the best exclusives, its a fact

PopRocks3592038d ago

While I do feel Nintendo does get some of the best exclusives out there, to say that the least powerful system always wins is not necessarily true. Thanks to Steam the PC market has been resurrected and many more games are appearing on PC/MAC, especially indie games.

It's unfair to judge the Wii U based on how Nintendo handled the Wii and that's because Nintendo is very capable of changing business plans. Look at the transition between the Gamecube and the Wii for example.

Crap_Turtle2038d ago

nes wins
snes wins
gameboy wins
gba wins
gbc wins
psp wins
ds wins
wii wins

all the least powerful platforms sell the most

2038d ago
Moerdigan2038d ago

Ninendo specifically stated that they went to developers and asked what they wanted in a new machine, and I bet you that unanimously asked that they wanted more power than they have now, among other things. If WiiU's hardware is not more powerful in all respects to 360 and PS3 then that just lacks integrity, and they are just pretending to listen.

aquamala2038d ago

Anything Nintendo put together for $250-300 will be more powerful than ps3/360, this is getting silly

Hicken2038d ago

I don't see how anyone could argue this. It will and SHOULD be more powerful than current generation consoles.

Saying it's not is like saying a PC built today isn't as strong as consoles. It's just silly.

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