CES 08: LittleBigPlanet Preview by Shacknews

Nick Breckon writes, "Perhaps it's fitting that Sony's Preview of Upcoming PlayStation 3 Games event was really only a preview of one game--Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet. For many, the PlayStation 3 exclusive is the one game that could get them to the stores for a Sony system this year."

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riqued3968d ago

The share video is great =) the other is old....

mighty_douche3968d ago

LBP should be the highest scoring gaming of 08.

not that i need someone to tell me its good, i was sold tfrom day 1.

heyheyhey3968d ago

agree- i was sold since the gameplay demo with big phil- this is going to be more addictive than tetris

ForTheFallen3967d ago

I like where this game is going...I can feel the ackwardness when they mentioned it froze...ugh.

That's completely normal though so no worries here. Can't wait to DL off of PS.

lawman11083967d ago

BORING............The game is for kids and wont sell.....If Uncharted,R&C had luke warm sales this one wont do much better.

macalatus3967d ago

^^^^^...says America's favorite dumb cop.

THX71683967d ago

If you hate the game so damn much why do you even bother clicking on a link to an article about the game?