The Pinball Arcade Review [IGN]

It's difficult to appreciate the authenticity of The Pinball Arcade's real-life tables if you're not a pinball nerd. Not a Pinball FX nerd, mind you. The sort of players who discovered or reconnected with the classic real-world arcade game via modern video game pinball probably won't understand the importance of these Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, and Stern boards.

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Relientk772221d ago

This reminds me of the pinball game, u can play on PCs

TrendyGamers2221d ago

Been meaning to check this out.

Relientk772221d ago

Same, too many games to look for


I wish I could get back into pinball games...just not enough time in my days lol

Relientk772220d ago

I know what u mean lol. Too little time, too many games