Swimming in the Blu-ray tar pit: Developer's view

With wind in its sails from the recent defection by Warner Brothers into the Blu-ray exclusive camp, Blu-ray's future looks a lot brighter. That future, however, involves a lot of flux for consumers, as Blu-ray needs to standardize the kind of features that HD DVD had from day one.

This means that players capable of being upgraded remotely (e.g. the PS3) have the advantage, while standalone players which can't be so easily upgraded are faced with being unable to use features in the latest Blu-ray DVDs (assuming they can still play them…which remains to be seen).

Representatives at the Blu-ray booth at CES told BetaNews that the PlayStation 3 is currently the only player they would recommend, due to upcoming changes to the platform. But Pioneer, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony have all been selling standalone Blu-ray players to customers.

This serves to perpetuate the dominance of the Blu-ray market by the PS3, which accounts for 75% of all Blu-ray playback devices in existence. That suits Sony well, though I fail to see why that would bring much cheer to Blu-ray's hardware partners.

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CeruleanSky3994d ago

Wow, another sour grapes HD-DVD article. Everyone loves reading these.

Just change the shark picture to a cry baby image...

Kholinar3994d ago

It is somewhat true for one aspect.... I don't think, for example, that most people care if they don't get picture in picture or other advanced features, but a simple updated encryption is vital.

Most non-tech people will be taking their players and discs back if they have to burn a firmware disc every time there's a security update. Manufacturers will have to start mailing discs out to consumers just to keep decent relations... Not having wifi or some plan for updates besides burning a disc is a massive failure in planning. I didn't think ethernet in HDDVD was a good enough solution either, but at least it was an attempt.

As it is they'll probably just stop trying to update the encryption after a few hacks. So all the vaunted security will be useless.

InYourMom3994d ago

Beta Blu-ray

So true, so true..

Buyer Beware!

Maddens Raiders3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

too bad your Dad was InYourMom. Poor guy. Now try to read the article again without pausing for one letter words. PM me if you need any help.

darthv723994d ago

of the other members of the bda, they can quietly add support for hddvd playback where as the ps3 cant do that with a fw update. The blue lasers are getting cheaper and with no need of a defraction plate like the first gen combo units means adding support for the "rival" format all that more appealing to those who make players.

Every ps3 sold benefits Sony and no one else...well, maybe the movie studios. Do you think pioneer gets any love from sony on ps3 sales? They make players just as good as sony and yet people dont buy them so what is their motivation to stay to one side? If it is more cost effective to sell a combo player for the same cost as a one sided player, more companies will opt for that.

The same thing happened with +/- dvdr's. It was eventually cheaper to support burning to both formats as opposed to only one. I am not saying this will save hddvd but it could stimulate the studios to be more neutral and see they only stand to make $$ no matter which format their content is available on. Combo dvd/hddvd, bluray, downloadable, It would be the same content just in more user friendly choices.

jlytle12343994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

if it would have just been a painful angry roar and not actually a "NOOOOOOOOO" that would have been so much more dramatic and less corny.
edit: i cant believe i got a disagree. I thought revenge of the sith was a few dialogue edits away from greatness. you cant tell me that some of the dialogue in there was so corny that you didn't feel embarrassed watching it.

jlytle12343994d ago

i think there will be a huge market for combo players eventually. So people can keep their hddvd calatlouge and start a blurray catalouge.
why would a ps3 owner need a combo player when they have been buying bluray all along. and i can gurantee that movies that were only hddvd will eventually end up bluray.

Maddens Raiders3994d ago

Going out on a limb with that one huh? [es]

Huge market for combo players...ummm no.

jlytle12343994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

well that guarantee was based on the scenario that bluray would win the format war. i should have said that at the time. obviously if bluray is the lone format they will re-release hddvd movies on bluray becasue their wont be a market for them.
Now the combo player idea i cant believe you dont see that. (for arugments sake we assume bluray wins) you bought an hddvd player early on and have a nice collection of movies. but your format isnt going to get any more movies. so you can either buy a bluray player and have a bluray and hddvd player hooked up or shelf the hddvd player and buy a combo player. the point is youre going to have to buy a new player anyway.
edit:actually i thought about it. your combo player market will only be as big as the losing formats market minus people who own both already. so that market will be big seller at first and then eventually die off completely.

marcdz13994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Why would anyone think that owning 2 different types of disks is beneficial is beyond me. This is stupid in world of movies we only need one medium and there's no room for 2. Why would I go buy a stupid HD-DVD player for 250.00 to 300.00 dollars when all it does is play movies that are on a future dead format. PS3 comes with HD out of the box. You can do so many more things on PS3 than on a HD-DVD player. Most people own 10 or less HD-DVDs or Blu-Ray movies. It's not like were watching Hd content a freaking day long. For the price the PS3 is the best. Hell even the Xbox is good for all the extras but to buy a Player just to do nothing but sit there and every once in while turn it on is ridiculous. Edit! I forgot one more special point. Have you seen those FUGLY players. They look like the VHS-Players from the 80s all retro with ugly freaking grey buttons and some of them don't even have a digital display on the front. I refuse to add anything that looks like it came out of the 80s in my living room hahaha.

jorellpogi3993d ago

I second that. The article is lame and I won't be surprised if the author has invested a lot into HDDVD.

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