The Next-Gen War is Over

Amidst competition and their respective troubles, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and gamers alike have failed to realize the signs that, as far as the current generation is concerned, they are all in this together.

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PS360WII3995d ago

They are all winners. I like these kind of articles. There has been so much done by all 3 and all in the name of good gaming ^^

mikeslemonade3995d ago

It too early to call that every system will be a success. Neither Sony or MS are making money. The Wii is probably the most sure thing followed by the PS3. The 360 just hasn't penetrated Europe or Japan and the 360 has the most good games so far but the brand just doesn't penetrate.

PS360WII3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

but at this point in time all 3 has sold enough and made enough (even if still in the red) to warrent a PS4, Xbox3, and Nintendo6. So yes they all win as of now. Who will get more sales 3 years from now is not important at this point in time and will only become an issue 3 years from now.

TruthbeTold3995d ago

While it's true that the XBOX 360 likely has the least amount of potential market share, it has sold nearly 20 million consoles in two years, and looks to be selling at least 300-400k per month for as far as the eye can currently see. There's pretty much no way it can't be seen as a success unless there's some kind of crazy, sudden breakdown at some point in the near future. That doesn't seem likely to happen though due to the sheer amount of money spending people in the ever growing markets where it does do well.

Covenant3995d ago

Good points. Agreed + bubbles.

TANOD3995d ago

x360 sold 16m in 2 years not 20m.

2008 will decide the war .However ps3 has the best lineup this year spearheaded by MGS4 and FF13

hitman97133995d ago

WEll, we all knew the next gen was over, we knew it even more when EA wanted a "one platform" console... It became obvious to many people that it was going to be the future. The next-gen( after 360, ps3,wii) will most likely be a one platform system, with no innovations.. Either then or after that, a one platform console is coming.. whether we like it or not, wheter Nintendo is on board or not.. So yes the nex-gen war is over.. and it was over before it even started..


life is business

LanRanger3995d ago

Just because developers might prefer a single console environment doesn't mean it's going to suddenly happen. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all have their own stake in the console wars and they're unlikely to cooperate. If by some miracle it did come to pass and the market stagnated there are other companies that would be happy to step in and offer innovation.

mikeslemonade3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Just because every system is successful enough to make the next system doesn't mean there won't be a loser or a winner. Nitendo has lost the previous two generations and they made the next one. You guys fail to see that the 360 has to sell way more units and games just to compensate the amount of money they have paid for the two japanse rpgs, the marketing campaigns, Rare, GTA, and then the red rings. The PS3 will be making money earlier than the 360 will and MS will have incentive of making another 360 if they don't make money soon of. Xbox has been around for 7 years and they haven't made anything yet. I don't care how much money one company has because they're here to make money and in 7 years without anything made it's long overdue. The 360 gamer right now is winning aside from red rings but MS the company is losing. You guys calling the 360 a success is premature. I mean if a company handed out a system for free and had 100 exclusive then you would call that the most successful system? Obviously any company investing that much money will not last long. Only MS is can withstand 7 years and they're starting to get impatient by letting go some of the internal 1st party studios thinking that they can make a good game with out them.

KingME3995d ago

"The Wii is probably the most sure thing followed by the PS3. The 360 just hasn't penetrated Europe or Japan"

I don't really understand your theory on how you can ignore the sells already made by the xbox-three-sixty. Although, it's a know fact that the 360 has not penetrated the Japan (PS3s Home Market) market very much. Going strictly with the numbers, to date the 360 has sold 5,337,684 in Europe while the PS3 has sold 3,654,894 in Europe. That would be +1,682,790 more 360s sold in europe than PS3s. In the US (360 Home Market) the 360 has sold 10,438,282 while the PS3 has sold 3,542,812 which is a +6,895,470 differential.

Yet you can come to the conclusion that the 360 has not penetrate the European market but the PS3 has. Then could one say that the PS3 has even less penetration in the US market. Now, with that being said, of the 3 markets the 360 is winning two. The European market by 33% and the US market by 66%.

I know you next argument will be the typical FANBOY argument of "The 360 has had a 1 year head start." You know what, that excuse is simply a crutch being used to hold up your eqo. A crutch that the wii is NOT using might I add. This one year head start argument is designed to put the 360 in a loose loose situation. Should the PS3 catch it, everyone will hear "you had a 1 year headstart and we still kicked your butt." Now, should the PS3 never catch up, you will hear "but you had a 1 year head start."

Here's and argument, the PS2 is beating the regular xbox, because it had over a year head start. Don't agree do you? Didn't think so.

All I'm trying to say man is, stop being a blind fanboy and give credit where credit is due. You're giving the PS3 credit for penetrating the EUR market but not the XBOX yet the xbox has sold 1.6 million more units in that market.


Also, there's no prize for 2nd place. You PS3 fans are so focused on being number 2(360) that you have conceded #1(wii). It's kinda like trying to get a "B" in class instead of an "A".

To be honest with you, the wii is a perfect match for the PS3 as far as the gen wars. They both have the same home market, which puts them head to head for the rest of the world. Yet, PS3 fanboys can say nothing negative about the wii, why you ask, because there's nothing to be said.

godofthunder103995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

i belive that the ps3 is far from where they thought they would be at right now.the 360 is doing what they wanted but because of the problem with the 360 it knocked them down a few notches.the only one that i see like where they are right now is nitendo,i don't own 1,hell i don't even like the wii but you can't deny that they are in the best position right now.out of all 3 consoles the only ones that made profit so far is the wii and the 360 but the problem with the system again hurt the 360 with their profits.
i really don't think that any one will run away with a big lead like years before.i think that at the end it will be the ps3 in first place but not by much,the 360 second,and the wii last,but all 3 will have almost the same % of the market.
people have to admit that it was a smart move that microsoft made.they released the 360 a year early without a br or hd dvd drive so it will be cheaper so they could really give the ps3 a run and it's worked.
i know that it's nice to have a br drive but sony didn't put the drive in the ps3 for games they put it in so they could get br in homes a lot quicker then hd dvd and it was a smart move.
microsoft knew that games didn't need a br or hd dvd drive for another 5 years so they stayed with dvd-9.ps3 fans want admit it but we really don't need br for games.hell all the games that's coming out in the next 2 years will still work good with dvd-9.i'm not saying that some games will need more then 1 disc but so did the ps2 and it was no big deal.about %98 of the games that's coming out in the next 2 years will still use 1 disc so microsoft gambled on it and it worked for them.
when br and hd dvd first came out microsoft said that if br win it wouldn't be that big of a deal they will just use it but they are supporting hd dvd for now.
the way i see it microsoft made a big gambled like i said.dvd-9 will be good for games for 2 years maybe 3 but that's it and that will be about the time that microsoft release the new xbox and 9 times out of 10 it will have a br drive in said that the 360 will last 5 years maybe 6 and so when we will really need a br the xbox will have it.
i'v read articles where people were saying that sony will charge microsoft more but that will never happen because sony will love to do buisness with microsoft to because it would mean a lot of money for both of them.the majority of ps3 fans belives that sony own $100 of br but they don' owns more stock then every one else but it's less then %50.the rest is spreaded out to other companies that invested in it to.hd dvd was the same way to,tishiba didn't own %100 of it because just like sony they had investers to that invested in it.hell even cds and dvds were the same way.
i own a 360 and i love it.i don't like sony but i admit that the ps3 is a good system to and all 3 systems will be around as long as people want to play games.
what i don't understand is how can people say that the 360 doesn't have any good games comeing out on it and the ps3 is the only one,hell it's far from the truth.i'm listing just some of the exclusives coming out next year on the 360 and they have more.the people that say the 360 doesn't have any games coming out or just bias and childish.

1-dark messiah of might and magic
2-halo wars
3-Kingdom Under Fire™: Circle of Doom
4-Lost Odyssey
5-Ninja Gaiden® 2
6-Too Human™
7-splinter cell conviction
9-house of dead
11-Infinite Undiscovery
12-All Points Bulletin
14-Project Offset
15-banjo kazooie
16-Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures
17-Beautiful Katamari
18-Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
20-Ancient World Online
21-Dead Island

mikeslemonade3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Actually you're being a fanboy too because I admit the 360 gamer is having the best of times but MS the company is not. And 1 year headstart is a valid argument because the sales of the 360 is actually decreasing in Europe and Japan even though the system has the best games. When you have the best games and your system is selling at a slower pace than the previous year then you have a problem. The PS3 is gaining and just like any other playstation system ever released. PS2, PS1, and PSP all had slow starts but their sales pace always increases and the PS3 is doing that, so eventually it will be a success. I never said the PS3 is a success right now. PS3 sales are rising. If you ask me which system has a better chance of succeding the PS3 will have a better chance. You're actually being the blind one because you fail to see all the negative things MS has done and all you do is look at the good games library and attach ratios. PS3 is growing in every territory where as 360 is only growing in the U.S. MS admitted themselves before they released 360 that they have to penetrate Japan in order to win, but they have not.

PS2 one year headstart has been ruled out by outselling the xbox almost 6 to 1. Wii is targeting a different market. Which ever system wins between 360 or PS3 it will have zero effect on Wii. And once again i never said PS3 penetrated more than the 360 in Europe. My observation is that PS3 is growing in Europe where as 360 sales are declining and forget about that one year head start. 360 is more than 2 years old and the sales are already at a stand still even after games like Halo 3, Bioshock, and Mass Effect. The good SCEA games for PS3 haven't even been released and the PS3 sales are rising. Stop calling other people fanboys when you have biases too. I only stated the obvious by calling you a fanboy because you did that to me too. All of us have a preference for one system, so just live with it. You think you're right all the time, but you're not. These are just things that i think will happen and I may be wrong but who knows. Most of my theorys are based on numbers which are fact. You calling the PS3's home terriotory Japan and therefore it should sell more is hardly relevant because all three companies are globalized and the system that succeeds should do well in all territories and right now the Wii is doing that and eventually PS3 will. The same cannot be said for the 360.

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HarryEtTubMan3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

The Playstation has influenced the Xbox just in everything... the 360 is making the PS3's online system become WAYYYY better in 2008... and the Wii and Sony also are going to push more innovative games and gameplay. Its cool. All systems will be so good next gen.

I think Sony is gonna do something really big with Playstation Home and online gaming too.

Playstations sold: easily 260 million +
Xboxs sold: MAYBE 45 million

thisisim3995d ago

Not sure why you have no bubbles with a comment like that. Bubble up.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3995d ago

doesn`t determine your intelligence.

InYourMom3995d ago

Because he is an extreme PS3 fanboy, but now that he has just 1 bubble he has changed his tone a bit.

The Playstation has influenced the 360 just in everything..

Give me a break! It's idiotic blanket statements like this one that put him down to one bubble.

Both companies have influenced each other, and sort of what this article touches on.. But Playstation influence everything in the 360 GET THE FUDGE OUT OF HERE!

LanRanger3995d ago

260 million+ in a much more competitive environment than the PS2 faced? You're dreaming.

3995d ago


ps2 outsold 360 in many occassions( since thats what guys here go by).
according to major video game stock analysts found on n4g, sales in ps3s favor were impossible because of xbox360. Hmmmmmmmm, i guess you experts were wrong. Alot of these individuals are hiding in shame right now, their beloved, glorious system taking some shots(zhuk,mart,frstkngt,merc we miss you man.not).
I had a ps2 since its launch and after watching the battle back and forth between the xbox360 and the ps3 for about a was pretty easy for me to choose my hd console.

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Monchichi0253995d ago

Wii has won and their is nothing the hardcore gamers can do about it.

FF7numba13995d ago

hardcores have to buy the wii in order for it to win.

ShadoWulf3995d ago

Did you read the article? Just wondering.

LanRanger3995d ago

"hardcores have to buy the wii in order for it to win."

Really? Is it hardcore buyers supporting the DS? Let's take a look at the top 10 games to find out:

1 Nintendogs
2 Pokemon Diamond
3 New Super Mario Bros
4 Brain Training
5 More Brain Training
6 Mario Kart DS
7 Animal Crossing: Wild World
8 Super Mario 64 DS
9 Big Brain Academy
10 The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Hardcore gamers are definitely the best customers of the video game industry, but don't underestimate the combined force of the throngs of casual gamers. Casual gamers are perfectly capable of supporting a console (although it certainly helps to have hardcore gamers too).

snoopgg3995d ago

hardcore gamers will never buy this underpowered console for just a gimmicky controller. The wi can't compete in the next two years or beyond.

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Skerj3995d ago

It just started o_O '07 was a test, '08 is the year of reckoning.

hitman97133995d ago

That's really true, the 360 got a headstart , which most people are forgetting, and the Wii+ ps3 just were released in 2007... so 2008 is war...kinda.. considering that there is no need for this war..... well happy .."war-ing.." haha .... Plus 360+wii+ps3 why have a war with all three when u could own all three =].. people.. wisen up and get jobs.. by then u could afford all three... i mean i have .. and i only do the paper for 100 a month

wiizy3995d ago

no wii has won cause it will have games for everyone including so call hardcore gamers.. and sony and microsoft are trying to copy them right now making casual games so go figure..

Skerj3995d ago

Can't wait for GTA4, Brutal Legend, and Prototype on Wii.

Gaara_7243995d ago

meatal gear solid 4, final fantasy 13, final fantasy vs 13, god of war 3, killzone 2, gears of war 2 all on the wii??

solidt123995d ago

No the Wii doesn't have Gears of War 2, GTA IV, or Metal Gear Solid 4 so they do not have the hardcore. I think Hardcore fans are buying it though but more for the family or to play Mario and Metroids. That's about all there is to play for the Hardcore. I have all three and I played the Wii for a week in August then again when Mario Galaxy came out. The only other game I want to play is Brawl, but my son plays it every other day.

PS360WII3995d ago

No More Heros, Dragon Quest Swords, Tales of Symphonia, Red Steel 2, Super Smash Bros, Monster Hunter 3.

Yup thems some nice hardcore titles.

TruthbeTold3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Yep. Each of those is an exclusive too.
(Of course I'm not claiming that the Wii "won". Just saying...)

3995d ago
prodg523995d ago

I agree about the wii controller. Though some call it a gimick, I think the sixaxis is more acurate and more responsive than the wiimote. Once rumble is added, I think that devolopers will have another look at the ps3 for new ips using the dualshock 3.

snoopgg3995d ago

I wouldn't want to play any multiplatform game on the wi when there are better options out there. The game will always be better on ps3 or 360, and the stupid controller or price of such a shatty approach to a next gen console will never make me change my mind to purchase a wi. All those dumb kiddy mario games won't either. As for Fps, and any other game for that sake, will be better played on a next gen system like a ps3 or 360.

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