Valve, NVIDIA Partner With GeForce-exclusive Portal Demo

Developers Valve and hardware creator Nvidia have announced a new promotional partnership, including an offer for a free "extended" Portal demo entitled First Slice exclusively available for PC users with GeForce hardware.

Valve says that its regular Steam Hardware Survey shows that the GeForce graphics hardware is used more than any others, and that the deal is intended to "further support this popular PC gaming configuration."

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DiLeCtioN3911d ago

they made a portal game i thought it was part of orange box

mighty_douche3911d ago

but not as much as this dude..... <~~~~~part 1 <~~~~~part 2

whole game in 18 minutes!!!!!

watch and be amazed!

mighty_douche3911d ago

oh yeah! that video opened my eyes up to things that i would of NEVER even considered. He is without doubt the Portal Pwner....

mintaro3911d ago

portal was an awesome game

TheIneffableBob3911d ago

They are amazing with the amount of free content they give out. Along with this delicious demo for this delicious game, the offer also includes Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, and Peggle Extreme for free. The cake is certainly not a lie.