SFG’s The House Of The Dead 4 Review

SFG writes: The Playstation Move works really well with these kind of games, and the Wii port of Dead Space: Extraction, is one of my favorite PSN games. Then another Wii game got the PS3 port treatment, with Sega’s the House Of The Dead: Overkill, which our reviewer thoroughly enjoyed. Then a few months ago, Sega launched The House of the Dead 3 HD onto the PSN. It was a lightning-fast, tough-as-nails shooter, but it was originally released 10 years ago, and even with the HD’ed treatment, it didn’t age very well. I still enjoyed it, so I was happy that Sega was going to release the arcade only The House of the Dead 4 HD onto the PSN. Lets see how this one holds up.

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TheModernKamikaze2427d ago

The guy with the tongue scares me.