DMC Devil May Cry now Available for Pre-order

The upcoming DMC Devil May cry is available now to pre-order at

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ritsuka6661765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

My predictions for sales this game
1. Game will fail in sales
2. Capcom realizes their errors and reconsiders making Devil May Cry 5 with REAL non-punk/ non-twilight Dante.
3. Devil May Cry 5′s sales become 60x more better than the BS Reboot.

FEARprototype1764d ago

can't i have both devil may cry 5 and the reboot?

Summons751764d ago

if you have any respect for the industry, no.

h311rais3r1764d ago

If the reboot does well there won't be a 5

Gohadouken1764d ago

Dont forget some denial steps where as it fails and does less than before , everyone pretend its numbers are ok and search for excuses .

sonicsidewinder1764d ago

And not a single pre-order was made that day.

RAM-351764d ago

good luck with pre-order Capcom.

user77927881764d ago

Why so much hate just because of the character model?

Summons751764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

not only that but they changed everything about the game, his attitude, the setting, the gameplay is a lot slower now, his guns over heat (though they were forged in Hell), he has an Angel mode along with his Devil mode (though he is half Human and Half Devil), not to mention Ninja Theory has insulted fans and the creator of the game for the dislike with what they have done. Also the character model goes beyond much more then just a model. Dante is a icon is the gaming world, anyone can look at him and know instantly what game it is, just like kratos, sack boy, master chief, pyramid head. Changing him is like changing Kratos or Master Chief, there is no reason for it and it makes no sense change something there is a problem with/ people like the design. Lastly, there has never....EVER, been a time when a western devs makes a japanese created game and it has been successful. Look at Silent Hill, after team silent was shut down the series the series hasn't been good at all.

ShaunCameron1764d ago

<Lastly, there has never....EVER, been a time when a western devs makes a japanese created game and it has been successful. Look at Silent Hill, after team silent was shut down the series the series hasn't been good at all.>

Other than Metroid (the Prime series), agreed.

Skate-AK1764d ago

Of course they changed everything it's a reboot.

Summons751764d ago

@ SkateAK

but there is no need for a reboot, DMC1,3 and 4 had nothing wrong with them and they played fine. this "reboot" was completely uncalled for.

VileAndVicious1763d ago

Um...there was plenty wrong with DMC4

The awful campy story that doesnt explain anything

Nero not just as a character but gameplay wise he doesnt really ever get anything new.

The fact that you basically have to play through the exact same areas twice just as Dante the second time.

Dante played pretty much the same as he did in DMC3 (wheres the innovation?)

Not saying that this new DMC will be perfect but lets be honest here the DMC franchise has been far from perfect. There are only two truly good ones 1 and 3. The recent reviews from the HD collection pretty much prove this.

At least let the game drop before you just completely write it off. IMO it looks better each time NT and Capcom show it.

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AsimLeonheart1764d ago

The hate isn't just about the character model. The hate is actually about the westernization of the franchise, discontinuing the story and abandoning the old Gothic feel of the franchise

HarryMasonHerpderp1764d ago

The exact same thing happened to Silent Hill.

VileAndVicious1763d ago

I hear you about the whole westernization thing but honestly what do you want capcom to do? The problem is we the consumer vote with our wallets and Japanese games arent exactly selling like hotcakes. So when they take a look at what the market is saying (not you the market) Western games are vastly doing better. Hence capcom giving this IP to NT. Its a business move. I think they could have chosen a better developer is what it is. Very soon I see more of Japan taking a similar approach-just take a look at square.

What was the last square enix game that did very well or got rave reviews? Not FFXIII or XIII-2. But Eidos is doing awesome (Deus ex, Just cause, Hitman and The New tombraider game.)

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