Xbox Kinect Fans Most Wanted: Godzilla

For decades, the gaming world has been trying to capture the city-smashing fantasies of children and older monster die hards raised with classic giant creature flicks. A blend of gargantuan beast brawls and the leveling of world-renown cities, there have been a few successes that hit well with the intended audiences. Unfortunately, these games, good or bad, were always relegated to a controller, never quite ensnaring the physical feel of wreaking havoc. It still felt like watching a fantasy play out through a small window. Building a city out of blocks and crumbling it in costume seemed the more accurate approach, but acting out these fantasies in the yard or any other setting where people were present was a quick ticket to the asylum.

Decades flew by while monster aficionados lived their fantasies through their thumbs, mashing buttons to feel some sort of kinetic energy of destruction. Then, in 2012, a little mode in Kinect Star Wars broke the barrier. Rancor destruction mode br...

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cain1412401d ago

This was probably one of the better modes in Star wars kinect...

mynameisEvil2401d ago


Man, if they could make a Godzilla game where there's modes like just destroying shit or fighting some of the other monsters that Toho's made, I'd be glad to see it.

Also, if they ever were to make that kind of game, I think the ability to choose which Godzilla look you want to have would be nice (exclude Zilla, though. He's just a little punk).