Retrospective Return - The Darkness

Avid Gamer writes;

"Retrospective Return is a look at older games to see whether they're worth a revisit. Ranging from unknown gems or bargain bin failures, we'll revisit any games that we think deserve it.

However you choose to look at it, £40 is a lot of cash for a video game. To get me to open my wallet a game must therefore be pretty special, and for every game that demands instant purchase on release, many more don't quite meet my mental benchmark. However, fast-forward 6 months and many chart titles start wearing much more appealing price stickers…"

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Vip3r3996d ago

I got this a few days ago and its great. All of the life after death and hell stuff Jackie talks about seems to be rather true from all the programs I've seen about it.

Keowrath3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

I bought it when it first came out and really enjoyed it. I had just got my PS3 so that may have helped and I was also a big fan of the comics a few years ago. The darkness skills were all good fun to use and the darklings or whatever they were called added a nice dark humour to it. The voice acting was well done and Mike Patton makes for a badass Darkness. (I can't wait for Bionic Commando!)

The only thing that gutted me slightly was the lack of his cool looking suit from the comics but then again it was an FPS so you hardly got to see much of Jackie at all.

DevastationEve3996d ago

there's nothing like it yet! Jackie's life went TOTALLY f*cked up, as he tries to get revenge, control the Darkness, and keep his girl safe. It has the best voice acting Ive heard in a while, plus the story ain't your typical patriotic hero versus anti america villain. And, it's got the Mafia! Take the best of Max Payne (another f*cked up hero) give him MEAN SH*T and then make IT his ENEMY! The Darkness was a blockbuster that could have been a best seller. But hey, at least now it can be a secret underground legend.