25 most heartbreaking moments in Nintendo history

CVG: The only time games bring a lump to your throat is when the lump is preceded by the fist of a mechsuited super-soldier. Right? Actually, no. In the following list, you'll find some of the eye-weepiest, blow-your-noseiest moments gaming's ever produced, courtesy of Nintendo Gamer...

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Crap_Turtle2432d ago

i hate cvg but this is funny

sloth33952432d ago

I like how they put in metal fear solid 3 as if it's been on the Nintendo system a long time

TheUnbiasedLion2432d ago

That was enjoyable :)

For me though all the moments can be ecplised if someones pet dies in a game, heartbreaking, makes me wimper :(

Instigator2431d ago

26. Earthbound not being localized...

Surprisingly good read, though. Chrono Trigger is especially heartbreaking. I actually failed the first time because I didn't know about the password the first time, so I ended up resetting the game and knowingly erased over 2 hours of playtime as a result.