Universal not making any new HD DVD title announcements at CES

Amidst mounting speculation that it is soon to shift alliances, Universal Studios has confirmed that it will not be making any new HD DVD title announcements at this year's CES.

Though previous years have seen a cavalcade of title announcements from HD DVD-supporting studios at CES, this year's deafening silence from Universal and Paramount/DreamWorks has only fueled speculation that one (or both) of the studios are plotting a move to format neutrality or perhaps even Blu-ray exclusivity.

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Nameless3968d ago

These studios better be careful. The last thing they will need is Toshiba & with the backing of Microsof suing their asses for any kind of breach of contract. That would be hilarious if it came to that.

Maddens Raiders3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Blu-ray in an XBox(fill in th blank)

I've said it for over a year now (look deep in the comments) and predicted the Blu60 for a long time. Damn, I should be a weatherman.

InYourMom3968d ago

No, you should be a gigilo with all the Sony pole smoking you do.

PS: Raiders SUCK

fenderputty3968d ago

better to be a gigalo and get paid then to just be a whore smoking on the MS pole as you do. Quit acting like your not the polar opposite of a PS3 fanboy.

IGNFTW3968d ago


eagle213968d ago

let's just forget hd dvd failed......NOT!!! Anyway, Universal will be lovingly embraced by Blu. C'mon over!

Darkiewonder3968d ago

Someone go fill it up or they'll disappear!

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The story is too old to be commented.