Battleship 20 minute gameplay video

Some gameplay featuring the first person shooting action and tactical command of the ships in Activision's latest movie tie in shooter. Call of Duty this isn't.

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Gearshead752425d ago

Honestly this doesn't look any better than some XBLA games from last year. Just another vanilla styled game helping the movie to game cross over. When will we actually get a tie-in that matters or is worth playing?

pixelsword2424d ago

You probably won't; which is why I agreed with Ebert about games not being art. It is historically accurate as well and one notable became a millionaire by exploiting this fact.

ShadesMoolah2425d ago

Interesting idea but it's a movie tie in game so expectations are going to be very low. Sorry Activision.

bunt-custardly2425d ago

I smell bargain bin fodder in just a few weeks.

RyuDrinksTheDew2425d ago

its definitely a competent game, but there is nothing that pops out about it.

ive seen worse movie tie ins is what im saying.

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