Kingdom Hearts 3D Soras To Europe First

Announced during Europe’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] will be available in PAL regions on July 20.

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iamtehpwn2404d ago

Actually, it's sort of strange to think Europe will be getting it first (What with subtitles for other European languages taking more time), but it's good for them. They rarely get titles first sometimes have to wait absurd amounts of time before they can get a title (ie Catherine)

crxss2404d ago

guess it's cause NA is sick of all the side games, we want Kingdom Hearts 3 already!

kesvalk2403d ago

can't really blame them with US player base mostly consisting of FPS/TPS players...

erasure2422404d ago

What the hell is a "Soras"?

iXenon2404d ago

"Sora" is the name of the main protagonist, I guess it's supposed to be a joke.

crxss2404d ago

kh 3d roxas way to europe first

Evildoomnerd2404d ago

Wow. I was expecting a late fall release, judging by Square Enix's track record and the previous portable games release dates. Glad to be wrong though.