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Submitted by MK_Red 2954d ago | article

The Sleeper Hits of 2008

Game Informer writes:
"As we've pointed out before, there's a lot to look forward to in 2008. In fact, there's so much on the gaming horizon that it can seem a little overwhelming. Sometimes it's easy to know what to look forward to-if you liked Mercenaries, Condemned or Rainbow Six: Vegas, you'll do all right to pick up their upcoming sequels. There are plenty of other games that, for whatever reason, might get lost in the crowd. Here's where we come in. We picked a few sleeper hits from this generation of gaming and tried to find titles that fans of those games might also appreciate. While they might not appeal to everyone, these are all games that deserve an audience." (Culdcept Saga, Echochrome, Fracture, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution, Wii, Xbox 360)

MK_Red  +   2954d ago
They should have added Prototype as follower of Assassin's Creed.
Baba1906  +   2954d ago
really excited about prototype. looks great.
MK_Red  +   2954d ago
Agreed. The game looks incredible. A mix of Assassin's Creed, Crackdown, Hulk Ultimate Destruction and few other fun games. Can't wait.
Mr Tretton  +   2954d ago
Are you ready to be....Infamous?

Jack Tretton
MK_Red  +   2953d ago
At first I thought the same thing and how some of the games are too old like Darkness and Portal but then, saw the near invisible If you Liked it text and got it. GI should have used a more obvious way of parting the 2 sides.
Maldread  +   2954d ago
Portal and Echochrome
Looks the most interesting to me. The Club sounds cool on paper, but i was a bit disappointed when i saw it in action. I still think it could be fun though.

I think it`s a bit late for some of the games they mentioned like The Darkness, but i guess a reduced price or the word of consumers could prove me wrong here.
MK_Red  +   2954d ago
lol, the Darkness is not among sleeper hits. The games on left are the old ones and it says if you liked them in 2007 them you'd be interested in the game to the right in 2008.

Also, definitly agreed on The Club. The idea sounds really cool and it should be really awesome but seeing the game in action was more than disappointing. Also I believe GI should have used PGR4 for The Club since both have kudos and are kinda similair in phylosophy.
Maldread  +   2953d ago
Haha lol i didn`t notice, that was stupid of me ;)
HarryEtTubMan  +   2954d ago
I want to try Echocrome, Infamous and The Agency.
Maddens Raiders  +   2954d ago
I love when the word echochrome -
is said by a British speaking person like Phil H. Makes it sound like some bad-ass gun-wielding game with 5lbs. of metal in your hand blasting through skyscraper canyons.

Anyway...I want this game.
socomnick  +   2954d ago
Jesus what kind of handgun weights 5 pounds :).
Devr  +   2954d ago
I'm surprised they compared Wet to The Darkness. Isn't Wet pretty much like Stranglehold but with more acrobatics and a katana?
Skerj  +   2954d ago
Of the 50+ games I plan on purchasing this year, I think Brutal Legend and Prototype will be the sleeper hits. If Heavy Rain comes out this year, add that one into the list too. We already know GTA4, MGS4, and FFXIII are going to be hits.
MK_Red  +   2954d ago
OMG, good one. I had completely forgotten about Brutal Legend. Anything from Schafer is not to be missed.
mintaro  +   2954d ago
can't wait to see, infamous,the agency, and prototype
lil bush  +   2954d ago
im waiting for infamous, dark sector, and brothers in arms: hells highway as my sleeper hits for 08
heyheyhey  +   2954d ago
man echochrome looks really interesting- the devs said that the game was to prove that you can still make an amazing, original and innovative game without great graphics and i like what they're onto here- this looks very intriguing

this, wipeout HD, super street fighter turbo hd remix and more- i think the PSstore will prosper this year
Figboy  +   2954d ago
infamous is my most anticipated new IP
i'm curious about Prototype, but infamous has the pedigree of Sucker Punch, who made the *GREAT Sly Cooper games.

much like you can't go wrong with an Insomniac or Naughty Dog developed game, you can't go wrong with Sucker Punch either.

i'm also looking forward to Little Big Planet and Heavy Rain.

i think infamous has sleeper hit written all over it though. it's getting practically *NO coverage at all.
JBaby343  +   2954d ago
The Sleepers Do Spark Interest
I want Echochome as soon as it releases and Wet looks cool but I need some more info on it. inFamous is the game I am waiting for though. If that game can do what is expected I could have a lot of fun with it. Sucker Punch has talent so I'm just waiting to see what they cook up. I may get Fracture but I'll rent or demo it first. Altogether this will be a financially strapping year for all gamers especially when adding in the already known big games coming.

So many games so little money :)
Figboy  +   2953d ago
tell me about it.
my wallet is weeping already.

i may have to take out some bank loans. lol.
DarkSniper  +   2953d ago
PLAYSTATION® 3 seems to once again be the leading category of must have titles to own in 2008. With great system sellers, AAA exclusives, and a plethora of sleeper and solid titles PS3 has become the industry leading standard in videogames today.

While PS3 garners all of the sleeper hits, it seems to Dark Sniper that the XBOX 360 will only just sleep this year.

Dark Sniper  +   2953d ago
Dark Sniper apologizes to fellow N4G members for his previous post. While the PLAYSTATION® 3 is indeed Dark Sniper's favorite console, it would be foolish to assume that the Xbox 360 would not continue its domination in hardware and software in 2008, just like it did in 2007. Dark Sniper hopes that the Xbox 360 fans will understand and forgive his momentary lapse in judgment.


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