Xbox Live Achievements Not Wiped?

Kotaku writes, "Yesterday we reported on a rumor that concerned the recent issues with Xbox Live being responsible for wiping out some of the achievements 360 gamers played hard to collect. Despite several comments on that story indicating otherwise, word from Microsoft's Larry Hryb is that this is not the case."

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jack who3994d ago

haters owned!!lets moove on to another rumor

wageslave3994d ago

No shiat. N4G is a cess pool of Sony Fanboy FUD. The admins are no where to be found while N4G is used to add credibility to their FUD.

Story after story. From the Heat failures (not as common as is often quoted), to the Xbox LIVE being down (it wasnt), and on and on and on - this site is one of the worst dens of Sony Fanboys on the interwebs.

And, YET AGAIN one of their rumours/smears gets shot down.

Can we *please* get some admins to take care of the multiple-account, against-the-guideline submissions and report abuse losers around here?

eLiNeS3994d ago

Who runs this site? Fony Scum of the earth I presume.

I never see any moderators on this site and the crap that spews from Fony fandroids finger tips is out of control. I say ban'em!!!

Go ahead and start with anyone that Disagrees with me!!!

toughNAME3994d ago

anyone honestly surprised by this?

I even find the recent LIVE problems hard to believe because my entire friends list and I have not experienced it


What's one of the main reasons why multiplatform games are better on the 360? (aside from graphics)
It's because of the longevity and the amount of time people invest into getting achievements.

I'm not saying the other console's fans had something to do with this rumour...but I wouldn't be surprised...nothing surprises me:P

InYourMom3994d ago

the Live outage during the holidays was real, I think people are getting a bit trigger happy with saying everyone is still having problems in the last few days and it's being perpetuated by the fanboys. Even yesterday with the "news story" because the status page for Xbox Live changed suddenly everything was down again.. (rolls eyes)

Anybody who owns a 360 knows that this achievement drama was load of crap from the start. Maybe an achievement wasn't showing up but lost? I don't think so.

wageslave3994d ago

"While I do think the Live outage during the holidays was real"

See, and you'd be wrong.

The service wasnt *DOWN*. SOME people had ISOLATED problems. It wasnt a massive failure, but a small problem - NO ONE i know saw a single issue.

bigmoney6173994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

only on n4g rumors by sony trolls becomes fact.

power of Green 3994d ago

The Xmas XBL outage was real and a few minor issues. The rest of it was media and Sony fanboys smelling blood and figureed it was a perfect chances to skew reality in hopes to alter popular opinion thats what they do thats all they do. Sony can win the war from their fanboys alone.

MSFT is going to get in big trouble if they don't find ways to kill the anti MSFT hype Sony fanboys are speading.

No more underground marketing no more being tight lipped about what they have instore in the futur. IF MSFT does not change this the fanboys will win the war for Sony they've done once before and they're doing it now.

What do you think is going on in Europe? all it takes is somebody that can understand how the industry runs and they can easily spread lies to non English speaking Countries and trick folks that do not know any better.

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