Here's why Dragon's Dogma is awesome (video)

Capcom's Dragon's Dogma is likely to not be on many gamers radars, but that is perhaps a mistake. The game sits firmly within the action RPG genre complete with westernised style, but oozes a quality that is going to be well worth the price of entry.

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ShadesMoolah2347d ago

Probably going to be one of the year's most overlooked games sadly.

bunt-custardly2347d ago

Capcom aren't pushing this game as hard as they did with RE: ORC so it's not surprising people aren't getting excited over it.

Looks interesting enough but the action role playing genre is very crowded.

zeal0us2347d ago

Blame Capcom if its overlook. The game looks fantastic but given Capcom history with DLC I think I'll wait a while before picking it up.

rdgneoz32344d ago

Yah, Capcom's recent history with DLC has me questioning. Luckily though, I don't see any articles ever mentioning them having any plans for DLC. THe other bright side is this quote...

"Clocking in at (according to the developers themselves) around 30 hours just for the main story but pushing the 100-hour mark for an expansive, thorough playthrough"

So it should have a decent amount of content if they ever do anything for DLC / locking stuff.

But overall, cautiously checking the game out. Hopefully they don't mention any plans for DLC in the near future (except for the Berserk DLC outfits for Gutts and Griffith to go with the anime movie coming out. Hope those come state side as I loved the original series).

RaidensRising2347d ago

I've certainly got my eye on this now after hearing good things about it. Liking the pawn system very much.

FunAndGun2347d ago

I hate that pawn system. I don't want to follow, carry, heal, listen to, revive, or care about some crappy AI teammates.

bunt-custardly2347d ago

From watching the video it looks more like the AI are there to support you, not the other way round.

FunAndGun2347d ago

yeah, I don't need or want their support in a single player adventure, but you MUST have one pawn with you.

betcha they don't shut up and are annoying.

just more hand holding that isn't necessary.

KidMakeshift2347d ago

I hope the Berserk armor makes it way over here

rezzah2347d ago

It is already on the disc for everyone, but you have to unlock.

Thing is it hasn't been said how to unlock it.

KidMakeshift2346d ago


Now they just need to add co-op

Ness-Psi2347d ago

I have to say this game is looking really good.after the dissapointment of kingdoms of amalur and getting a bit tired of skyrim this could fill the void.

WeskerChildReborned2347d ago

I'm just gonna stick with Skyrim.