New Video Game May Help Treat Teen Depression

Study shows gaming may be a new route to reach depressed kids.

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DFresh2426d ago

I can relate to that not that I was depressed or anything but that I know what it's like not to be accepted by many people and to be an outcast in society.

I'm fine being an outcast because that way people leave you alone and you can judge who your real friends are much better then if your well known.

S_C2426d ago

F**k That Id Rather Be Well Known

Summons752426d ago

The only thing that can help someone with depression is the person who is depressed. I've been there and I came back with no help what so ever. I was never "popular" growing up and I still do have social anxiety but I got out of my depression and started my way toward a better life for me. A doctor or pills will never be able to help someone in depression, that person has to help themselves.

Jintan2426d ago

The thing is gaming is now popular/mainstream, so if you do game then you have a life.

PersonaCat2426d ago

Not the way a majority of us who frequent this site game lol. COD and maybe Madden are the only real games I hear people who know absolutely nothing about games talk about. Its mostly games like angry birds, fruit ninja, basically anything deemed "cool" by Apple.