Etrian Odyssey IV Four Minute Trailer

Etrian Odyssey IV was one of the showcase titles at today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, with Nintendo and Atlus showing a lengthy four minute trailer immediately following the broadcast.

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Hisiru2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I love dungeon crawlers. Bring this to the West please, Atlus! I really want this game!

Yes, I agree with you but maybe they did it because of the 3D effect or something like that. We will need to see this game in action on the 3DS. Also, 3DS games always lools worse in those videos.

Menchi2281d ago

The move toward 3D models is making it lose some of its charm, however, still looks great, just wish they would stick to the 2D drawn art, looks so much better.

Ness-Psi2281d ago

I love the etrian games can't wait for 4. Its funny people talk about skyrim and dark souls as hard core rpg they should try this you get your backside handed to you by low level grunts.

The monsters in 3d looked a bit pokemon when I first saw it.

MoveTheGlow2281d ago

I love that trailer. 4 minutes of what's new, then the big finish, the title... and OH BY THE WAY CASUAL DIFFICULTY. lol