Next Gen not likely at E3 2012

With all the rumours flying around about the so called Orbis and Durango it may seem very likely that the Next Gen is really close. However there are a few things that just dont fit.

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Kluv2400d ago

This isn't a strong point at all. This means you're expecting the next-gen announcement when there are no exclusives for the current gen? Ughhhh, god of war 2 came out one year AFTER the ps3 was RELEASED let alone ANNOUNCED. They aren't going to have the 360 and ps3 lay dead in the water when the next ones are announced.

Noticeably_FAT2400d ago

There is a little point to it. Microsoft cut back exclusives in 2011, it takes probably two or three years to make a game with new hardware. So your looking at 2013 or 2014 for Microsoft.

Sony is still using their top studios to create exclusives for the PS3, they do have more resources overall then Microsoft, but it would seem with a new God Of War and the Last Of Us on the way that 2013 or 2014 are much more feasible for the PS4 as well.

I think Sony cant really afford to launch a new home console in the same fiscal year that they released a handheld. Just wouldn't make sense.

I'm not even totally sold on next gen in 2013, I'm waiting to see how price cuts across the board work out for all the consoles.

I'm looking for:
$129 4 gig Xbox 360
$249 250 gig Xbox 360
$99 Kinect

$199 160 gig PS3

$99 Wii

That will all probably happen this year.

Tacticismro2400d ago

I agree with this guy about the things he said:

theeg2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

feel bad for people without a gaming rig if this is true, cannot stand the way console games currently look, and multiplat games are getting butchered on consoles just to try and make them even within two generations of pc

bf3 on console only 12v12, sub-hd, terrible framerates, jaggies everywhere

skyrim terrible framerate, sub-hd, long load times, jaggies everywhere

wait till e3, i think xbox720 and ps4 will be announced and both out this year holiday 2012.

personally, i couldn't care less, not even sure i'll buy consoles anymore, they look great for two years and then get left in the dust. bought my 360 in 2005, it was cool then, ps3 in 2006, by 2008 they both looked terrible, ran terrible and displayed games in sub-hd, i was over it. at least my ps3 plays bluray, otherwise it would be gone, gave my 360 to my 9 year old nephew.

last gen, by 2007 crysis was out, it made everything on ps3/360 instantly irrelevent tech-wise.

this trend will only continue and worsen!