'Pokemon Black and White 2' to get 3DS apps

XMNR: Pokemon Black and White 2 news was included as part of the Nintendo Direct online broadcast on Friday night. A new trailer was released for the game along with news that apps will be released this summer to make the game experience more enjoyable on the Nintendo 3DS.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2426d ago


It's ironic because they are releasing on DS when everyone wanted 3DS releases.

dark-hollow2425d ago

if you even touched a pokemon game before you would know that its natural that the sequel to B/W is on the ds.

MySwordIsHeavenly2425d ago

Yes, I'm fully aware. That's not the point. -_-

*sigh* I'm beginning to think this is a personal vendetta...

Smashbro292426d ago

And they're selling it?! Lame.