Microsoft launches new Xbox 360 Arcade console in Middle East

Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division Middle East today released a new Xbox 360 console that delivers games and content to everyone in the family. The news of Xbox 360 Arcade comes as part of a broader initiative by Microsoft to bring the Xbox 360 experience to families everywhere.

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fiercescuba3816d ago

It would be nice to see some positive American culture in the Middle East. I wonder how it will be received.

JsonHenry3816d ago

Does it come with a prayer mat with an Xbox360 logo on it?

moujahed3816d ago

because the console is useless without XBL. We all know that.

socomnick3816d ago

Even without xboxlive it has more games than the competition and it runs them more efficiently. I hope they enjoy the console.

KidMakeshift3816d ago

I'm sure Bomberman is selling like hot cakes over there (kidding)

mighty_douche3816d ago

or it'll be coming back with a bomb attached.

DethWish3816d ago

Quite an ignorant thing to say...
Are you ignorant?

mighty_douche3816d ago

its a joke mate. you know, har har?

mintaro3816d ago

good to see an american influence in the middle east

Meus Renaissance3816d ago

People think the Middle East is an episode from Alladin. It's more modern than some cities/states in America, I'll tell you that for sure lol

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The story is too old to be commented.