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Robert Workman: "It’s funny, really. All these games that we’ve been hearing about forever, and never seem to have a release date, and are finally arriving. Duke Nukem Forever took, what, fourteen years? And for that matter, there’s also Fez, Polytron’s long-in-the-making independent platformer, which was so far from a release date that it was prominently featured in Indie Game: The Movie. But lo and behold, this past Friday (the 13th, no less), it finally came to Xbox Live Arcade, and upon playing it, you can kind of get an idea why Phil Fish and his team took so long in getting it put together. It’s complex, and delightfully so."

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Laxman2432d ago

This game is amazing! I just beat it last night, still need to go through and find the rest of the cubes though. Some of the puzzles are unbelieveably smart (and difficult). The hidden QR Codes in-game were a brilliant idea.