100 Things Gamers Hate

A MASSIVE list of all the things gamers REALLY hate!

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Capt-FuzzyPants2400d ago

I didn't know the 32nd or 33rd thing gamers hate most is N4G. I thought it would have been oh I dunno IGN.I don't hate all of those things.One thing I do hate is Call of Duty but I don't think I saw that on the list.

thorstein2400d ago

I don't know that it is N4G, per se, I think it is more the flamebait articles and trolling pieces that constantly find their way onto the site. Not to mention websites that require their employees to have n4G accounts so they can get their stories approved and rocketed to the top and attack anyone who disagrees with them.

PopRocks3592400d ago

The community doesn't help this site much anyway. I've seen more immaturity here than on Kotaku, Destructoid and almost any other game site combined.

It's a sad day when your community is shittier than IGN's.

mr_badhand2400d ago

Its the community that votes for these flamebait and troll articles. We control what's displayed on n4g not n4g itself.

scotchmouth2399d ago

I typically avoid list articles but this one covers it all. I lol'd at some of these. Good read

Sony3602400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Your post is part of the reason people hate this place.

Stupid reasons for bandwagonning against publications like IGN.

I agree with you on COD, but that's a different matter.

I agree with number 32 though >_O


It should probably say "The N4G community" really.

DrPepper2400d ago

this is pretty legit list. one that stood out was that damn broad from 007.

also Billy Mitchell is a boss..... screw steve Wiebe

thorstein2400d ago

But, wait, What are popups? Do they still exist?

Crap_Turtle2400d ago

i have to admit this is pretty well done even if I disagree with a few

ScaryIsntIt2400d ago

i thought 6 was the worst

Eyeco2400d ago

stupid casual games for stupid peripherals that require gamers to play in a profoundly stupid fashion, i think number 6 more than justifies its position

loltonytony2400d ago

His saying his to cool to look like a fool. (note thats not what I think)

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The story is too old to be commented.