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Robert Workman: "Who says you can’t find success in downloadable games? RedLynx released Trials HD a few years back as part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade program. The challenging yet entertaining racer has turned out to be a huge seller, with two million units downloaded and hundreds of thousands of players logging race times, daring others to beat them. It’s a game that deserves the praise it’s gotten — but little did we know that RedLynx would be setting the stage for the monumental sequel that is Trials Evolution. There’s a damn good reason Ubisoft picked these guys up — they clearly know what they’re doing."

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lelo2play2431d ago

Who have access to XBLA, should purchase this game and Fez. They are 2 fantastic games... among many others.

andibandit2431d ago

One of those games that keeps pulling you back. To resist is useless.

The Meerkat2431d ago

My four year old completed her first track with no faults this morning. I was so proud.