GeForce 8800 GT Mega Heatsink Roundup

Hardocp reviews a range of coolers for Geforce 8800GT video hardware:

Many of you know that NVIDIA's 8800 GT can run rather hot under load. Our GTs ran at over 90C. That spells disaster in a hot case. Let HardOCP show you the way to cool down that white hot GT while not breaking the bank and getting great performance.

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jaja14343969d ago

Well if your really serious about over clocking, you should be using Water Cooling anyways which can be constructed for around 60$ if you don't buy a kit. The tubes, latches, and such can be had for a lot cheaper at hardware store. You just have to make you you buy the right kind though.

Silvia0073969d ago

No nuclear cooling towers? Aww that's too bad.

jorellpogi3969d ago

These new GPU/VPU are so expensive. They are even more expensive than a game console.

Rice3968d ago

im just gonna wait till ir goes down...