Playstation 3D Display Gets A Hefty Discount, MLB 12 And Extra Pair Of Glasses Thrown In For Free

If you were looking for a great deal on the Playstation 3D Display, Gamestop USA has got you covered.

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BringingTheThunder2427d ago

this is a lot better deal than the one on the front page.

guitarded772427d ago

Yep, this is the same deal I got from Best Buy last month... if you're in the market, don't pass this up!!! They make excellent computer monitors and with all that for $300, you can't go wrong.

BringingTheThunder2426d ago

never thought of using it as a monitor.

360GamerFG2427d ago

Bargain bin stuff right here.

Nutsack2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

If only this deal would be in Europe for even 299 Euro (aka 400 USD), but no, they try to sell it overhere with one pair of glasses and Killzone 3 and GT5 (that I both already own) for in UK about 450 pounds aka over 600 USD.

Facked up Sony.

Gimme the deal with 2 glasses, Motorstorm 3 and lets say any other game in 3D for 300 Euro and I'm in.

TheRealHeisenberg2427d ago

Great deal. If only I had a need for this.

2427d ago
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