EGM Preview: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Eric L. Patterson: "Tekken, however—I’ve just never connected with the series. I owned the original as one of my early PlayStation purchases, but from there I just found my fighting game interests going in directions that Tekken wasn’t taking. I’ve kept up with the series throughout its various revisions, and I’ve at least spent some hands-on time with every new iteration or chapter, but my exposure to the series never got much deeper than that.

That is, until Street Fighter X Tekken—a game released by Capcom which suddenly had me caring about the characters of a rival publishing company. If I could come to find interest in Tekken via this latest fighting game cross-over, I imagined that a lot of other people could be feeling the same thing."

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JoySticksFTW2432d ago

Tekken Tag and Tekken 2 are my favs for the series, so can't wait for this game

MrMister2432d ago

EGM is still around?! I never see it at my book store or news stands anymore. Especially since gamestop monopolized everything with Game Informer.