Playstation 3D Display Massively Discounted Over 60% With PS3 Purchase

The Playstation 3D Display has seen a number of price cuts ever since launch and while this one requires you to buy it with a PS3, it is by far the biggest.

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BringingTheThunder2402d ago

awesome deal, wish i didnt already have a ps3. maybe i'll just get it anyways and sell the ps3?

OmegaSaiyanX2402d ago

Hence why its being discounted heavily that and Sony's huge loss. People might want to check reviews on this TV before thinking its worth it because it's not.

I wouldn't get this tv even if it was 'free' it's that bad.

MariaHelFutura2402d ago

You wouldn't take the TV if it was free?!?


C0MPUT3R2401d ago

Its not a TV it is a MONITOR.

Nutsack2402d ago

Damn why aren't these deals in Europe? I would have bought this in a heart beat, an extra PS3/bluray player on another floor in the house and a 3D display for those few games I'd like to view in 3D...

Raoh2401d ago

Awesome deal but I don't have need for a new monitor. The one I have is really good and barely three years old.

I'd love to have this for the 3d though. Just like the sony headphones they are too late, I bought a logitech headset before sony announced theirs.

aDDicteD2401d ago

that's a very nice deal, i wish they had done this earlier