Ebony and Ivory: The Xbox’s Black and White Buttons, in Imperfect Harmony

Kotaku: "Dusting off some old friends on the original Xbox I was given back in January reacquainted me with several happy memories—and the two worst features in the history of console video gaming controllers: The black and white buttons."

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Statix2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

I used the Logitech Precision Pro. Far superior to the Xbox 1 controller S, in several ways. The black and white buttons were much easier to press, and the convex analog sticks were smoother and more precise.

theWB272427d ago

I loved the duke, this guy must have had little hands causeI had no problems reaching every single button on the controller.

suicidalblues2427d ago

"But the controller's dual analogs were more ergonomically placed."

I always wonder why people think this. I mean, only one analog was moved, and yet some swear this makes all the difference.

I've never thought it made much of a difference either way.