XBL User's Open Letter to MS About Live Issues; Taken Down by MS Soon After

Here is a very well written manifesto to Microsoft about the recent perils of Xbox Live. Its worth the read. The forum post has been locked since and mysteriously disappeared. Loot Ninja managed to salvage it because the page was already loaded and they emailed the link to another person who could not access it. His GamerTag, DWells55X, is now mysteriously invalid… weird.

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fiercescuba3932d ago

This could just be the servers acting up, but its still a little suspicious.

drunkpandas3932d ago

The gamertag being invalid could very well be a server issue. However, the timing of it does raise some eyebrows.

But something this well written locked and removed so quickly? I guess anytime you have a differing idea, it can't be seen. I understand Microsoft owns/runs the forum, but it's not like the thread had any flaming

wageslave3932d ago


mesh13932d ago

it was taken doen cause it was sony trolls that snd that message and yes its a lame forum post a make belive news article by sony trolls

rofldings3932d ago

And don't forget mesh1, it was "Sony trolls" who did 9/11, Virginia Tech, raped your mother and sister, perpetrated the holocaust/darfur/sudan, and took away your last bubble.

Watch out, there's one right behind you!

heyheyhey3932d ago

im still waiting for the day that mesh can write at least one sentence without spelling mistakes and pre-school punctuation and grammar- and what is it with you and calling people "sony trolls" cause the last time i checked i wasnt 10 feet tall and holding a giant, wooden stick

let me guess according to you it was "sony trolls" who fitted the 360 with a sh!t heatsink and fans so it would RROD to no end?

FunnyBone3932d ago

If your going to try and be a douch and correct someones spelling .Then please be sure to spell Wasnt like Wasn't.....You look like a fool calling out someone when you make mistakes also....

And I still dont see how you have 3 bubbles with all the rubbish post I have seen come from you....

Wow Live is having problems...I guess I missed that on here the last couple weeks...Sarcasm....

See when some <----SOME of you get older you will see that you can choose what you want to pay for....When you have a job an income coming in...I have no problem paying 50 a year for live...I myself find it worth the 50 a year for the service they do offer.....Some might not agree but I dont worry about what you spend your money on..If you dont feel it is worth the money then move on...Why are SOME on here so caught up with Live costing money...How does that hurt you in the end...That question is for the Trolls that don't own a 360, yet they want to always comment on how Live should be free....

Now that my rant is done..What to play..

Rock band or Heavnly Sword ?????

And yes I know my spelling is not perfect so you can try and insult me all you want...Just wasting your time...

Foo Skeptic3932d ago

I agree with that letter and I am not a PS3 fanboy. I don´t like giving away my money and getting nothing, I would expect to recieve thanks at least
Gamertag: Foo Skeptic

fusionboxer3932d ago

Did you read the guy's letter? It was well written and hard to disagree with. Don't tell me you've never had problems with live cause it would be a blatant lie.

He pays for the service, argued for the service, and now his service gets jacked up for damn near a month and they give him close to nothing in return. He also raised a good point when he said would you be satisfied with your cell phone service if it kept dropping calls, never had service, or just plain didn't work for a month or would you feel its time to change plans or at least get some type of refund.

I feel for the guy, i really do and it's absurd this post was taken off the forums for more to read. If there are problems then address them. This particular poster wasn't being an ass, yelling at anyone or making trouble with anyone except for microsoft who he was cheated by.

FunnyBone3932d ago

Well written Yes

But for me the good outway the bad...
I have run into issues but not bad enough to say it's not worth the fee they charge...
Some disagree thats fine...Some feel that everything should be perfect since there paying for the service...I know and agreed in the TOS that there could be problems with the service at times...Yes I have been upset but I also have to except it...When my year subscription is up then I will rethink my purchase of Live....

I Myself dont think 50 dollars is that much in the grand scheme of things and I think Live is well worth the purchase....

There are things I would like to see changed.So when my year is up.I will rethink my choice and go from there....

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cow moolester3932d ago

This is too well written and too true for it not to be on the front page....If people don't speak out like this and get it around the internet then companies like Microsoft will never change.

fiercescuba3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Granted this was taken from a forum, but the fact that its well written and that the guy's Gamertag is gone is newsworthy. I would rather read this kind of thing than everyday someone comes out of the woodwork screaming that HD-DVD is dead.

Bubbles for you Moolester.

Bleucrunch3932d ago

Yes Moolester bubbles for you as well. Nicely put bro.

drunkpandas3932d ago

Microsoft has had a bad start to 2008, I don't think anyone can argue that. But they can definitely turn it back around with some big games and features for the console. I think it's entirely too early to say the whole year will be bad.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

if by "games" you mean NG2, Fable2.
if by "features" you mean the consoles and online service working.

then sure, i guess.

for this late into the consoles life cycle it has the least going on in HISTORY of platforms.

3rd year w/ a handful of games coming exclusivly isn`t good.

2008 is going to put the 360 in 3rd,like the last few months have.

but, drunk pandas.

after all that.

i do understand what your sayin.

but i don`t see it.

HarryEtTubMan3932d ago

Dear Microsft,

You tricked me into buying your crap RROD console... made me belive Halo 3 would be amazing, make me pay for a online service thats crap... I already payed for the game and the system... I have to pay to play also??? MICROSFT SUCKS. Same lame generic Sci Fi games. No good 2008 games. Bring Gears 2. TGhe only game worth waiting for.(another Sci Fi game)

DRUDOG3932d ago

Tubman makin' a comeback! Watch out man, somebody is going to try and take away that second bubble you got back!!! You always crack me up even though sometimes you say the stupidest sh!t!