WiiWare Dated?

Okay, not too many of you are staring at your calendar and waiting for the release of Engine Software's casual Wii game, current titled Project Bang!, but their press release about the game did drop a little juicy information. According to the company, WiiWare (The Wii service that allows for downloads of original games) will launch in March 2008.

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Darkiewonder3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

There have been several developers supposedly gave out a release date but really. I'm going to bet at GDC they announce it. ;o

Because even Nintendo gave out some games. but really. are they going to spring up with. "HEY, we have an innovative idea. we'll sell you this fancy box that allows you to magically move files to it and you can run it through the fancy USB connection"

M_Prime3968d ago

umm.. kinda like a harddrive LOL.. that would be useful..

M_Prime3968d ago

I want DR MARIO.. well my mom wants it bad and with online i think it will be awsome.. we still play on the NES sometimes..

and i wanna play that final fantasy game.. it looks a lil like SIMCITY but your a person.. i must say.. it intrigues me from what i've seen..
and we will see some awsome innovation i think.. but it sux that there is only a 40MB limit on game size.. but then again if the devs use less space they get some sort of reward.. also the pricing is to be set by the devs.. thats pretty cool, and better yet they get majority of the profits.. i'm sure a lot of good stuff will show up on the WIIWARE channel, maybe not all will be gems but there will be something cool there for sure.. and i'm sure there will be some games that will be VERY ADDICTIVE and FUN.. and best of all if they are allowed online (like i heard DR MARIO WII will have) then it will be even BETTER.. i can't wait..