The Games of 2008: PSP

In 2008, the PSP has an attractive mix of titles ranging from niche to high-profile console-like games. Here are Next-Gen's most anticipated games for PSP in 2008.

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lonestarmt3964d ago

don't forget wild arms XF!!!

anyway crisis core alone is worth getting a psp.

Luca Blight3964d ago

I'm glad I bought a PSP Slim.

BigBadPolo3964d ago

I've been holding off a long time on PSP but with the GPS add-on and the talk of being able to transfer your personal blu-ray purchases to it along with some choice games this year it may be just about time to put the DS down for a bit.

Night4ll3964d ago

for being addicted to the DS... you can never really put it down... but yeah it does look like my PSP will get decent play time this year...

vilmer3964d ago

Is Star Ocean going to be making it over to NA this year?

Night4ll3964d ago

For me it's Crisis Core, God of war, and maybe... a very big maybe.... Patapon. The rest is just meh...

PS360WII3964d ago

Patapon actually looks pretty fun. It's odd for sure and that's the main selling point really ^^

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