NISA on Atelier Ayesha and Hyperdimension Neptunia V’s possible localizations

NIS America’s Ryan Phillips comments on the possibility of his company localizing two recently-revealed Playstation 3 exclusive JRPGs, Atelier Ayesha and Hyperdimension Neptunia V, for North America.

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Dark_Overlord2401d ago

Hopefully come to the UK too :)

2401d ago
tiffac0082401d ago

Please localize these games and take my cold hard earned cash!

HeartDisease2400d ago

i am pretty sure they will both get be localised. atelier games keep improving on the prior release and likely sell more copies with each new release. neptune will likely always be more niche but the first 2 made it over so i do not see why part V would not.

at least we got meruru to keep us busy while we wait.

rataranian2400d ago

Oh they'll be here no problem. NIS brings pretty much everything.