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Jason Momoa: "I would consider playing Kratos"

Jason Momoa, aka Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, says he would play Kratos if Sony offered him the role. (God of War, God of War: Ascension, PS3)

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LarVanian  +   1264d ago
I'm still hoping that Djimon Hounsou will play Kratos should a GOW movie ever be made.
Abash  +   1264d ago
I actually thought of this guy playing Kratos in a God of War movie when I would see the Conan movie commercials
Dark11  +   1264d ago
nah , i want bill goldberg to be kratos

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F7U12  +   1264d ago
The dude does kind of look like him. Also he was pretty badass in Game of Thrones.
F7U12  +   1264d ago
Since when are Greeks considered European white?
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M4I0N3  +   1264d ago
forget making God of War into movies, just keep the games coming
morganfell  +   1264d ago
"Since when are Greeks considered European white?"

Have you seen a picture of Kratos?
r2kcipher  +   1264d ago
"Since when are Greeks considered European white?"

not since white people traded them for albino africans in the racial draft of 96'.
MmaFan-Qc  +   1264d ago
if Jason Momoa want to play Kratos, he will have to add at least 75lbs of pure muscles and be way more ripped than he already is.
NewMonday  +   1263d ago
Mark Strong + muscle suit used in "300"
GoldenAge  +   1263d ago

Dude thanks for reminding me of that racial draft skit from Dave Chappelle.

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Virus201  +   1263d ago
Here is a picture from a cutscene where it shows Kratos without the white ashes.


Also don't forget his brother Deimos is also a skin that can be used in God of War 3

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detroit2cali  +   1263d ago
U haven't seen him in game of thrones have you?
dorron  +   1263d ago
Yeah, and let's have Robert Pattinson play Martin Luther King or Jim Carrey play Malcolm X in another movie.

Kratos is greek and greeks weren't black. They just weren't as white as scandinavian people, but definitely not black.
Dude420  +   1263d ago
I honestly was thinking it would be a black man playing Kratos, but that might have been because the voice actor in the games is black.
zielocz3k  +   1264d ago
Djimon is great but Kratos cant be black!
Hes a Spartan, a greek…
just doesnt work
Ashunderfire86  +   1264d ago
Greeks and some Europeans aren't as white as they say they are. They are a mixer of black and white. When the Moors came to Europe they spread their seeds to the white women, changing the face of Europe. They will never tell you this in the western history books. Moors played a huge role in Europe, and yes the Moors were black people that also brought science and etc to Europe. Kratos has a black voice just to let you know. I think that Peter Mensah from Spartaucus should play Kratos.

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Kalowest  +   1264d ago
Learn your history, before you make a stupid comment.
h311rais3r  +   1264d ago

But kratos is clearly white......
Machioto  +   1264d ago
@ziel In the make of god of war,they played around with an African design,I think this guy would be better if they made a mark of kri movie.


Related video
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Baka-akaB  +   1264d ago
"They will never tell you this in the western history books."

Except they do or at least did in quite a few .
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Machioto  +   1264d ago
Here's a better video,he talks about 42 seconds in.

Related video
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MrWonderful  +   1264d ago
Why not? Elizabeth Taylor was white and played cleopatra who was Egyptian/black
sikbeta  +   1264d ago
Jaffe used Hounsou as reference for the first GOW, look at the non CGI videos in the game, after that Cory Barlog made it more caucasian for GOWII and it's the same for GOWIII
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Azmatik  +   1264d ago
lol are half u guys mental ummmm western history books do tell quite a bit and greeks arnt black! lmao this guy is just clearly stating Kratos is more white than a blank piece of paper. and u guys flip like its some kinda racist comment. and Moors are u kiding me u think just cause a couple hundred or thousand have sex with some white women it changes the face of europe and its a big secret lol wat kinda history u reading? im assuming some kinda conspiracy crap that emphisises everything. so i guess the bible is completely true too? gullable idiots i tells ya wow
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N4realGMRZ  +   1264d ago
LOL the greek where olived skin very similar to arabs.....lol you watch to many movies.....dont worry hitler what as white as could be.
Azmatik   1264d ago | Personal attack | show
xVeZx  +   1264d ago
kratos is only white because hes covered in the ashes of his family or something along those lines....a couple of times you see him without the ashes on him and hes really dark...i wouldnt say black just a really dark tan...
Grap  +   1264d ago
@Ashunderfire86 you do realize that not all moors were barber.. there is Arab also which they considered a white ppl back in the day.
RememberThe357  +   1264d ago
@Ash: Hey, someone who doesn't know they're history! Ancient Greece had fallen by the time the Moors had a presence in Europe. You may be thinking of the Romans which in it's early history the Moors had strong ties to Rome.

Greeks have darker skin tone due to their close proximity to the equator and the middle east which traditionally has people with a darker skin tone. Kratos was what we'd call "white" as he wouldn't have had any African (central-south) in his blood line - no more then any other europium at the time. He wouldn't have been Scandinavia white but he surely wouldn't have been black or even mixed.
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cstyle  +   1263d ago
Greeks weren't exactly white either. Some were dark skinned.
Imikida  +   1263d ago
Isn't his voice actor black though? lol
Chitown71291  +   1263d ago
He might not have the voice, but The Rock definitely has the physique. Did you see him in Fast Five? Dude is a beast
Awesome_Gamer  +   1263d ago
I dont want them to make a GOW movie.. just keep the games coming
MaxXAttaxX  +   1262d ago
@Manchioto , @MrWonderful
That was before they settled with the Greek mythology theme.

Cleopatra was a Macedonian.
BitbyDeath  +   1264d ago
I don't think Djimon Hounsou his skin is too dark. Not only would the white makeup not work properly but also his voice would have to be dubbed over to suit.
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Dark11  +   1264d ago
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Laxman  +   1264d ago
The whitest guy ever, being played by the blackest guy ever?
LarVanian  +   1264d ago
You do realise that Kratos' white skin is made out of the ashes of his dead wife and daughter, do you not? He was quite dark before the oracle covered him in ashes (albeit not as dark as Hounsou).
Taz Yamauchi  +   1264d ago
This guy shitted on Conan
FriedGoat  +   1263d ago
It's wasn't his fault, the film was just poor. He was amazing as Karl Drogo in game of thrones and would make the ideal kratos.
sarshelyam  +   1263d ago
While you just shit on grammar!
LarVanian  +   1264d ago
Maybe I should clarify as to why I want to see Hounsou play Kratos. The most important reason is because he is a very good actor who is able to convey a number of emotions such as sadness and anger (the two emotions which affect Kratos the most), if you don't believe me then watch Blood Diamond and In America. Blood Diamond, in particular, sees Hounsou play a fisherman who tries to save his kidnapped son and it showed how easily he could play a distressed father. One part of Blood Diamond that was very reminiscent of Kratos is the part towards the end where Hounsou's character, Soloman snaps and begins to scream barbarically at Captain Poison before beating him to death with a shovel.
Hounsou also has a very strong gruff accent. If he were able to modify it significantly he could probably make it sound similar to Kratos. Remember, Heath Ledger who played Joker in TDK, spent weeks trying to transform his Australian accent into the one he used for Joker. If Ledger was able to do that then I'm sure Hounsou could also do it for Kratos.

And for the people feeling unsure because Hounsou is black, he would spent most of the film in white makeup anyway. And Kratos' facial features, funny enough, look quite African, particularly his lips.

I would much rather see a good oscar nominated actor such as Djimon Hounsou play Kratos than someone like Bill Goldberg or Vin Diesel. I honestly would not be able to take the film seriously if either of those two played a tormented Spartan who was forced to kill his own family.
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DA_SHREDDER  +   1264d ago
This man is not worthy enough to be Kratos. He didn't even make a good Conan.
Baka-akaB  +   1264d ago
the problem was with the quality of the movie itself , not with him ... but i can't see him as Kratos anyway
RememberThe357  +   1264d ago
I don't know I like him. He doesn't the brooding rage pretty well. I never saw Conan but he pulls it off well in Game of Thrones.
Eternalb  +   1264d ago
He's better in Stargate Atlantis.
Finalfantasykid  +   1263d ago

One of the best episodes!

I think Jason would make a pretty good Kratos though, just throw on some white/red paint and shave his head and he would make a pretty great Kratos.
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BitbyDeath  +   1264d ago
He's a great actor so i could see it working.
This movie would need a serious budget if it were to ever be made though.
sarshelyam  +   1263d ago
I don't know how serious it would need to be. Let's compare Wrath of the Titans. Arguably, it's a silly action flick, and we'd want a bit more story...but all in all we're looking around the $150M. I think they could work with this considering Conan was a paltry $90M, which likely constituted a good portion of Mamoa's salary.
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cynosure  +   1264d ago
If a Halo movie couldn't be made i dont see how this one could
BitbyDeath  +   1264d ago
You know Uncharted is being made into a movie right?
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cynosure  +   1264d ago
Because Halo has a much bigger fanbase.Also i cant find any news on this Uncharted movie since last year when the screenwriter dropped out
BitbyDeath  +   1264d ago
Popularity doesn't really matter, Dragonball Z has more popularity than both combined and look how that turned out... :-(
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mobhit  +   1263d ago
Anything to boost negativity huh?
They may make a Halo movie in the future. A God of War movie could be made.
Fishy Fingers  +   1264d ago
Course you would, what else are you doing? Conan 2? No?
Smashbro29  +   1264d ago
The problem is you're never gonna find a guy who looks and sounds like Kratos at the same time.
smashcrashbash  +   1264d ago
@ h311rais3r. Kratos is not white as you put it. Before he got the ashes Kratos clearly had darker skin. He isn't black but he clearly isn't 'white' either

@ cynosure. What does that have to do with anything? The God of War movie could get green lighted because they have available cast, director and resources not because it was a bad idea.What does one movie have to do with the other? Besides, Sony is the one with the movie studios. They could more likely turn GOW into a movie then Microsoft could turn Halo into one.
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cynosure  +   1264d ago
Its a business and at the end of the day they need people to see the movie.Its all about what sells and God of War would not be a seller.
Even if they made that Halo movie it probably wouldn't have done well and it has a much bigger fanbase than GOW
The fact of the matter is there's never been a successful videogame movie in history.Its a huge gamble for a studio

Title Release date Rotten Tomatoes score Box Office Original game publisher
Super Mario Bros. May 28, 1993 14% Nintendo
Double Dragon November 4, 1994 0% Technōs Japan
Street Fighter December 23, 1994 13% Capcom
Mortal Kombat August 18, 1995 35% Midway Games
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation November 21, 1997 6% Midway
Wing Commander March 12, 1999 11% Origin Systems
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider June 15, 2001 19% Eidos
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within July 11, 2001 43% Square
Resident Evil March 15, 2002 34% $102,441,078 Capcom
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life July 25, 2003 Eidos
House of the Dead October 10, 2003 4% Sega
Resident Evil: Apocalypse September 10, 2004 20% Capcom
Alone in the Dark January 28, 2005 1% Infogrames
Doom October 21, 2005 20% id Software
BloodRayne January 6, 2006 4% Majesco
Silent Hill April 21, 2006 29% Konami
DOA: Dead or Alive June 15, 2007 34% $7,516,532 Tecmo
Postal July 21, 2007 8% Ripcord Games
Resident Evil: Extinction September 21, 2007 22% Capcom
Hitman November 21, 2007 14% Eidos
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale January 11, 2008 4% Microsoft Game Studios
Far Cry October 2, 2008 24% Ubisoft
Max Payne October 17, 2008 16% Gathering of Developers
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li February 25, 2009 18% 1 Capcom
Tekken November 5, 2009 TBC Namco
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time May 28, 2010 36% Ubisoft
Resident Evil: Afterlife September 10, 2010 25% Capcom
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GraveLord   1264d ago | Off topic | show
smashcrashbash  +   1264d ago
You still didn't see my point about Sony having movies studios. They have the resources to make a GOW movie if they want. Microsoft has to search for someone who will take a risk to make a Halo movie.Sony only has to take the risk of making it. Microsoft has to go to someone to convince them a Halo movie is not a risk to them and themselves which is much harder to do. That is the difference. Besides a several of those things you mentioned probably don't have a fanbase as large as GOW or as many people that GOW has does or as good a plot as GOW did and still got made into movies. So obviously that is not a factor.
mobhit  +   1263d ago
Cynosure, I didn't know you can see into the future. How do you know a GOW movie wouldn't be successful.

I was right. You *do* have an agenda.
richierich  +   1263d ago
Thats a big list but I dont agree with the Silient Hill 29% review. I thought it was the best movie based on a videogame IMO
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CanadianTurtle  +   1264d ago
He would be an "okay" canidate. But a Movie based on this beloved series just won't work because I cannot name a trustworthy director.
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Johnny_Cojones  +   1264d ago
Tarsem Singh, maybe? Immortals wasn't terrible, & The Fall was really good.
lastdual  +   1263d ago
Singh is great with a camera, but he falls short when it comes to actual storytelling. He would need to be partnered with a better writer who had the authority to keep him in line (and that last part is never gonna happen).
Johnny_Cojones  +   1264d ago
This guy isn't just "white", anyway. He's half Hawaiian, & part Irish, German, & Native American.

He looks enough like Kratos to play the part, in my opinion.

I think Peter Mensa is a better actor, but a guy like that isn't going to be cast as the lead in a potential blockbuster.
nilamo  +   1264d ago
He did an awesome job as Drogo, not many people scare me just by looking.. but he sure came close to.
pandehz  +   1264d ago
Danny Devito as kratos
Jim Carrey as Commander Shepherd
Arnold as Joker
Eddie Murphy as Sgt. Heller, lmao im soo gonna laugh through that
chukamachine  +   1264d ago
The rock should play him.
Morgue  +   1264d ago
pandaboy  +   1264d ago
I agree, Dwayne Johnson is huge, shredded and has a great voice. This guy is way too skinny and puny and has a very dislikeable face.
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Lilioups  +   1264d ago
dont touch kratos...u cant act and i dont like ur face for it
Lord_Sloth  +   1264d ago


Kratos doesn't exactly have a model's face either.
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ZBlacktt  +   1264d ago
Clicks to read story:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

over and over
Hicken  +   1264d ago
I think the problem is that you're using Internet Explorer...
ZBlacktt  +   1264d ago
Awh, would be correct. :/ Also, each time I tried. I'd get a Malware blocked message. So yea.
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Der_Kommandant  +   1263d ago
Internet explorer is so 90's
Magnus  +   1264d ago
I'll take this guy anytime he was great on Stargate Atlantis and good on Conan just as long as they don't use the Rock to play as Kratos.
DragonKnight  +   1264d ago
The only person who could play him is the one actor who has already shown he has what it takes to be a Spartan.

Gerard Butler.

Sure, he doesn't exactly LOOK like Kratos, but he likely could. Plus, he'd be believable. Though, in the strictest sense of looking like Kratos, Bill Goldberg has it hands down.
CDzNutts  +   1264d ago
Maybe it doesnt matter who plays Kratos because Hollywood will bastardize a perfectly great video game franchise into a popcorn, B-rate, knoff off of a movie because that's what they do.....regardless of what race he is.
dboyman  +   1263d ago
They don't understand the source material and too much executive control rather than creative control.
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Kran  +   1264d ago
Dont mean to sound racist or anything, but I always imagined him being played by a black guy... covered in white paint (even though he is a white man under all that ash in the games)
Bowzabub  +   1264d ago
If they want to do it right, they need to make it animated and voiced over by Carson himself. This is the only sensible answer.
Ultr  +   1264d ago
Pintheshadows  +   1264d ago
I'd be interested to see that. I really like him in SG Atlantis.
OmegaSaiyanX  +   1264d ago
Oh no
Not this guy, his acting was terrible in Conan movie infact the whole movie was pure and utter complete rubbish.

Anyone remember that brazillian guy that actually dressed up as Kratos for the PS3 launch event? Now that guy would be perfect!
Rupee  +   1263d ago
Lol right because Kratos is such an emotional character who would NEED an academy award-winning actor to portray him.

Kratos is basically locked in perpetual rage so all you'd need would be someone who's ripped and has a good set of lungs to yell with.
Almir908  +   1263d ago
This man is dark skinned as opposed to kratos. Also he is nowhere near the physic that kratos should be.
masa2009  +   1263d ago
Kratos IS dark skinned. He looks white because his skin is encrusted with ashes as a symbol of his curse.
Almir908  +   1263d ago
No Kratos is a Spartan not dark skinned. I've seen how he looks on chains of olympus. He just looks tan
masa2009  +   1263d ago
No. Look at this video from God of War 1.
Advance to 2min30s.
Almir908  +   1263d ago
OMG you fool. He is a Greek warrior his ethnicity is White. He's just tan. What the hell do you mean no? Since when were Spartans dark?
RELIGHT  +   1263d ago
He'd be a good Kratos
masa2009  +   1263d ago
I just don't think they'll do a GoW movie. Sure movies like 300 have proven that it'd be feasible, and there's a mini revival of Greek/Roman inspired movies.

But GoW is not a huge seller. It's a respected brand within gaming circles, but not quite mainstream enough to justify the significant financial risk it'd take to bring its grandiose universe to life.
Unless they can pad the movie with a lot of CG and produce it for a modest budget circa $40-50 million, and market it like a mid-range franchise a la Resident Evil, I don't think it'll be deemed worth doing by Hollywood.
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young7yang  +   1263d ago
The Rock, Vin Diseal,Clemans,Harry Lennix and Akshay Kuma
would all make a good Kratos

I'm sorry to say but Kratos should not be played a white dude.. its like getting jet li to play nathan drake or S. Jackson to play Rico from killzone 3.
Erudito87  +   1263d ago
he was awesome in sga and conan so he will be awesome as kratos but i hope they use the original voice actor as a voice over
BlackPrince 42  +   1263d ago
I don't think it's a bad fit.

But personally, after seeing him in Game of Thrones I think he'd make a perfect Klingon in a Star Trek movie.
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