Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta Impressions - Canadian Online Gamers

COG: "Overall, the three classes seem nicely balanced. I was worried about the cloaking ability and players exploiting the function online but Ubisoft did a great job implementing it. The UAVs are not as annoying as BF3 mainly because they only require a round or two from an assault rifle to take down. Sensor grenades only show enemies within their proximity and the screen will tell you if you are being detected. The ability to stun an enemy and hack them for intelligence is also really interesting and well thought out. This is a risky yet rewarding method as it gives you information on the entire enemy team not just an area of the map."

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R1CAN6172368d ago

When the beta works its a great game

shammgod2368d ago

I haven't been able to get it to work so I deleted it

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2368d ago

Try again, it worth a second chance.

At first I had problem too, but now it works almost always well.

ExPresident2368d ago

So on the first full day of the BETA you couldn't get it to work, and rather than let what happens during a beta (testing) happen, you deleted it? You do realize it is going until May 2 right?

shammgod2368d ago

Yeah, I know. I just don't have much patience. I will probably watch a gameplay vid, if I looks good I might give it another try.